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Yachiyo Beck — ARTIST

Yachiyo Beck

Yachiyo Beck — Artist

Originally from Japan, my passion for art has been an enduring force in my life. I attempt to create an atmosphere that offers the viewer a temporary diversion from life’s adversities. My sources of inspiration include personal experiences, nature, and my own artistic imagination. A distinct Asian influence is present in many of my paintings.

I started painting in watercolor and achieved a style that is distinct from that of
traditional watercolors.


"Delicate Balance" watercolor 22x30 inches - Yachiyo Beck

“Delicate Balance” watercolor
22×30 inches – Yachiyo Beck




I created this particular painting with world peace in mind. Humanity is represented by the human figure of Lady Justice. We have many critical choices before us and time (represented by the clock in the background) is passing. Our decisions can save the earth or destroy it.





My painting style has been evolving as I myself evolve as a human being. For the last several years, I have been working in oil.  My approach to oil at this point is realism. But my desire is to go beyond realism. My creative goal is to give the viewer and myself a sense of beauty, serenity and peace. I hope to continue to evolve as an artist and a person.


"Quiet Moment" oil on board 8 x 10 inches - Yachiyo Beck

“Quiet Moment” oil on board
8 x 10 inches – Yachiyo Beck


"Remnants of The Ocean" oil on linen 12x16 inches, - Yachiyo Beck

“Remnants of The Ocean” oil on linen
12×16 inches, – Yachiyo Beck


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My paintings are available at The Garden Gallery, Carlisle, PA




Yachiyo Beck

Yachiyo Beck


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