Art, // August 15, 2022

Carmen Clews — ARTIST



Interview with artist Carmen Clews —


1. Who are you and what do you do?

I am a Magical, Magnificent & Amazing being… Just like you! I love to express my absolute passion for the magic of life, though 2D and 3D art. Living between Cape Town, South Africa and Bali, I choose to express exquisite joy through the mediums of sculpture and abstract expressionism.

Heart Chakra



2. Why art? 
I do what moves me, what delights me, what brings me joy and purpose… And art is a way that gifts this to me!


The Bow


3. What is your earliest memory of wanting to be an artist?
Art class was my favourite topic at school and I thrived there. I knew then I wanted a life of art. However, life took me on another path, until one night in my early 20s I had a dream I was sculpting and upon awakening, I went to sign up for a sculpture class. It was love at first touch and my life changed from that moment.


The Kiss


4. What are your favourite subject(s) and media(s)?
I absolutely love sculpture and abstract expressionism to express what is important to me. Mostly about the magic of surrender and the absolute exquisite joy that can arise from that. Through transformational practices such as yoga, breathwork, tantra and dance… I have personally transformed and found such profound happiness, intuition and bliss. I want to share that through my art.


Glory Glimpses


5. How do you work and approach your subject?
I express what moves me deeply, expressing my true authenticity of what I want to share with the world. It’s about taking a feeling, a passion and transforming that into 2D / 3D. It can become overwhelming to sometimes imagine the end result when I’m not 100% sure what that will look like yet. And therefore, just taking things one step at a time, whilst trusting the process is a very useful way forward for me.


Rise Goddess Rise


6. What are your favourite art work(s), artist(s)?
When I first started sculpting, I fell in love with Auguste Rodin for his use of moulding pliable clay to express sensuality, connection and emotion. Then, after reading about Marc Chagall and his way of expressing magic in the world, I just loved his lightness, whimsical, charming and romantic style of expression.


Glimpses of Magic 1


7. What are the best responses you have had to your work?
A visitor at my studio took one look at a sculpture and started to cry, as the message of surrender in it was so profound for her at the time. She was at a stage in her life where she also needed to let go of some control in her current life situation in order to move on. Her response also moved me deeply as the sculpture embodied exactly that message that when we stop trying to control things, life takes on its own magical flow.



8. What do you like about your work?
I love that my art is an opportunity to express the things that touch and move me deeply. I get to share that with the world. I like that it makes me learn. I’ve learnt a lot, not only technically, but I’ve also had to learn to let go, not judge, trust big time, play and experiment. Art is like all the best things in life! I’m growing so much through my art practice, and it also brings me such joy. I go in the zone; I fly and magic happens!
I can also get frustrated, because I’m still learning….My art is not just a finished product, it’s been a life journey to get here, my life experience ends up in each piece. And my life journey, (as is everyone’s), is such a magical merry-go-ride… How incredible to express one’s magical life journey on a piece of paper or through a lump of clay!


Balancing Stick


9. What advice would you give to other artists?
First is to have fun, it’ s like going to a Wardolf Playschool! Hug, dance, breathe, play, experiment, trust, self soothe, find joy… And alongside, learn the craft and formulas too, after all you wouldn’t ask an electrician to do his job without first learning his trade! Art is the same, learn the basics of colour, composition, contrasts, values and the technical formulas. Learn from as many different teachers as possible, sign up for workshops both art making, technical and art coaches. Just do it all, and at the same time have fun… Experiment and play! All you need to do is what is right in front of you in each moment, don’t worry about the long-term outcome, with creativity, we cannot necessarily know what the outcome is going to fully look like, so I find just taking each step, each moment at a time, helpful…. In the end, the outcome arrives right in front of you.


Carmen Clews with Rise Goddess Rise


10. Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?
Blissfully happy, living my fullest non upper limiting life! Sharing my overflowing cup into spreading love, joy and the divine magic of life via large arts works in public spaces.




Carmen Clews