Art, Writing, // May 10, 2014

Betina Huber – ARTIST

    I am finally becoming ME! All my life I have wanted to become an artist. Since I was only 4 years old, I have held this goal close to my heart. Time dissolves, when I enter this magical world of form, expressions and colors. Finally, at the age […]

Art, // April 26, 2014

Semblanza de Fernando Reyes Varela

  Fernando Reyes Varela  (México, DF, 1981) Artista integrante de Lewinson Art, quien tiene una amplia trayectoria. Licenciado en Artes Visuales por la ENAP. Realiza estudios de Maestría en la Antigua Academia de San Carlos. Arte y cultura/ Fernando Reyes Varela     Su obra y sus textos, han sido […]

Art, Writing, // April 25, 2014

Mr. Tritt

I visited Mr. Tritt’s small sharpening shop a few years back when my hair-cutting scissors were in desperate need of his services.  Yesterday, dull scissors in hand, I walked the three blocks from my home to his tidy white-shingled house graced by a small flower-filled yard. A series of hand-printed […]

Art, // April 20, 2014

Semblanza de Camena González Lamberta

    La talentosa artista Camena González, integrante de Lewinson Art nació en Torreón Coahuila, en el seno de una familia de artistas, músicos y poetas.   Su educación desde niña ha girado en torno a la danza, la música y el canto. Pintar con acuarelas, y colorear era uno […]

Art, Writing, // April 14, 2014


Interview with photographer Linda Benzon 1. Who are you and what do you do? I am a wife of 38 years, mother of 2 grown sons and 2 beautiful daughters-in-law, semi-retired accountant, and  emerging artist who has an ever-growing fascination with using a camera to capture God’s creation.   2. […]

Art, Writing, // April 14, 2014


 Journey With Zeno riding shotgun, we’ll never get there; But forever divide in half the distance yet to go. No is where I want to be; Driving but never arriving. The radio is playing Smetana’s Ma Vlast And I pass a blue and white Kenworth. The driver taps the steering […]

Art, Writing, // April 2, 2014

Semblanza de Agustín Aldama

      El artista Agustín Aldama es integrante de Lewinson Art, estudió pintura en la Academia de San Carlos, tomó clases con los maestros Javier Mexiac y Roberto Garibay Sida.               Hizo la Licenciatura en Pintura en la Escuela Nacional de Pintura, Escultura […]

Art, // March 31, 2014

David Reinbold — ARTIST

Interview with the artist David Reinbold —   1. Who are you and what do you do? My name is David Reinbold and I draw, paint and also do digital graphic art.     2. Why art? When I think of my childhood I see many coloring books and times […]

Art, // March 28, 2014

2014 Swimsuit Cover

NEWS RELEASE March 28, 2014 Arts Illustrated, an online global magazine, dedicated to “Celebrating the Arts,” announces it’s:                                                           2014 Swimsuit Cover For further information, please contact Charles W. Andrews, Senior Editor for Arts Illustrated. Cover design by David Reinbold, Art Director for Arts Illustrated. Arts Illustrated, LLC
 10 N. […]

Art, Writing, // March 21, 2014

Angela Brittain – ARTIST

  Interview with artist Angela Brittain —   1.  Who are you and what do you do? I am Angela Brittain, a narrative, figurative painter. My paintings are inspired by observations, lines from a poem or a song and sometimes by the sheer quirkiness of life. This is my sixth […]

Art, Writing, // March 13, 2014

Ileana Piszk – ARTISTA

    Ileana Piszk —Artista   Artista nacida en  Costa Rica, integrante del grupo Lewinson Art, tiene una obra muy espontanea, llena de frescura, de estilo abstracto, con colorido vivo, y trazos seguros, representa paisajes fantásticos  y toda una poesía plástica.       Ileana nos platica acerca de su […]

Art, Writing, // March 4, 2014

Capturing a Moment

All forms of art involve capturing a moment in time, but especially in the case of photography, the moment in time can never be duplicated exactly. So why do I sometimes hesitate when I see a scene like this? Fortunately, I did not this time. I saw the disconnected young […]

Art, Writing, // February 22, 2014

Exposición Hay de Amores a Amores

Lewinson Art dedicado a promover el arte, ha organizado la exposición Hay de Amores a Amores en la Sociedad Mexicana de Geografía y Estadística, Academia Nacional de Turismo, la cual se inaugura el 25 de febrero del 2014.   En esta exposición participan los siguientes artistas: Agustín Aldama, Rika Anav, […]

Art, // February 17, 2014

Yachiyo Beck — ARTIST

  Yachiyo Beck — Artist   Originally from Japan, my passion for art has been an enduring force in my life. I attempt to create an atmosphere that offers the viewer a temporary diversion from life’s adversities. My sources of inspiration include personal experiences, nature, and my own artistic imagination. […]

Art, // February 16, 2014

Walter Bastianetto – ARTIST

  Walter Bastianetto – Estilo Prehispánico Moderno   El talentoso artista Walter Bastianetto , integrante de Lewinson Art, aunque de origen italiano, tiene una gran apreciación al arte prehispánico, se enamoró de México y de su cultura y actualmente reside en este país y ha formado su propia familia.   […]

Art, Writing, // February 6, 2014

It Never Hurts To Ask . . .

My downtown neighborhood in historic Carlisle, Pennsylvania, is one of my favorite places to photograph, with everything from people on the street to architectural detail. In fact, I get so overwhelmed at times with all the potential subjects that I recently decided to zero in on interesting porches, and there […]

Art, Writing, // February 3, 2014

ARTS ALIVE! – Paris – Diane Feuillet at La Petite Galerie

Arts Illustrated visited Paris in September of 2013, and this is the second article in five of our series ARTS ALIVE! – Paris. While enjoying the wonderful city, we were looking to discover as much of the current Paris art scene as we could in our (sadly) limited time. In […]

Art, Writing, // January 23, 2014

Exposición Jerusalem de Oro

Lewinson art esta dedicado a promover el arte, a través de su galería virtual y por medio de exposiciones temáticas organizadas en diferentes espacios.     En esta ocasión se convocó a varios artistas a interpretar  plásticamente la canción Jerusalem de oro, compuesta por Noemi Shemer, la cual habla […]

Art, Music, Writing, // January 17, 2014

Water Music —WRITING/ART

                    Have you ever heard a dogfish howl? A young student asked Maestro Handel Are there dogfish swimming In that sewer called the Thames? Of course, Handel said no, and Dismissed the wag to pentatonic scales. But the thought provoked him […]

Art, Writing, // January 1, 2014

Lucille Wong – ARTIST

  Lucille Wong – Concepto sobre la pintura Lewinson Art promueve la obra de varios artistas de gran talento, una de sus integrantes es la reconocida artista Lucille Wong. Ella nos describe su que hacer en el arte de esta manera.     Concepto sobre la pintura “Pintar, para mi, […]