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Sunday Discovery



"Rising" by John Wright

“Rising” by John Wright

Sunday Discovery began as a series of Sunday photo excursions to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, for John Wright and myself. For John, a seasoned professional photographer (, it was a continuation of his fascination with photographing certain areas of that city. John has a rich and extensive history in all facets of the medium including being a sought after photo journalist when serving in the U.S. Navy. For me it was a way to get reference photos for a continuing series of drawings I am constantly working on.

"Wall Shadow" by David Reinbold

“Wall Shadow” by David Reinbold

What I didn’t expect when I looked at the first series of photos that I took was that these images stood on their own, and it rekindled my interest in photography that began in High School, and continued through my years in the art program at Kutztown University. So I began to see these excursions as a way to regain and sharpen my photographic chops so to speak. Both John and I look forward to these outings and the joy of discovering these fantastic, found images and capturing them. To that end I created a blog ( to share this ongoing image exploration.

"Paper Cup" by David Reinbold

“Paper Cup” by David Reinbold



"Trinity" by John Wright

“Trinity” by John Wright









David Reinbold

David Reinbold



Article by David Reinbold, Carlisle, Pennsylvania