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Terzia Nolan – ARTIST

Terzia Nolan

Terzia Nolan

Interview with artist Terzia Nolan —


"All Those Sweet Sounds, Bouncing Round"

“All Those Sweet Sounds, Bouncing Round”



1. Who are you, and what do you do?
My name is Tierza and I am an artist with an attraction to all things uncertain.
I believe I have a true and tender connection to all things I make. One can find me messing things up, fixing something else, and generally trying to figure out how it all works.



2. Why art?
I think Georgia O’Keefe said it best. To me I can give sense to my feelings with shapes, forms and color. Everything in our practical life is a form of art; from our morning coffee mug to our bedding at night.

"Listening to the Flora"

“Listening to the Flora”

3. What is your earliest memory of wanting to be an artist?
I knew from around the age of four that I was an artist. My mom actually took me to a psychologist because my uncle said, “there is something wrong with her.” The psychologist just said I possessed a brilliantly creative mind. I have made art in one form or another my entire life.

"Places Where We Thrive"

“Places Where We Thrive”


4. What is your favorite subjects/media?
That question if very subjective for me. I for quite some time worked in textiles. I loved the female form and designed and sewed exotic dance wear. I once had not only a retail but wholesale business with this genre. Now I am found mostly painting. I love mixed media and experimental work.




5. How do you work and approach work?
I feel like I am being punished any day I can’t create. I try to paint every day. I approach it with no real intentional outcome. The piece itself speaks and tells me where it wants to go.  From my feminine view of my art each piece is like giving birth to something that has a life of its own.

"Everything Empties Into White"

“Everything Empties Into White”

6. What is your favorite artwork and artists?
This is very hard to narrow down, my favorite artwork is the Twittering Machine by Paul Klee. I wonder if that is where twitter (social media) took it’s name? I did a tribute to him titled: Klee Tweets. I love that he taught me to embrace the bloom. My favorite artists are Paul Klee, Robert Ryman, Helen Frankenthaler, Morris Louis, Cy Twombly, Jackson Pollack. Living artists would include Beck Lane from Pawtucket RI and Brian Rutenberg NYC.

"She Exuded Tremendous Energy"

“She Exuded Tremendous Energy”

7. What have been the best responses to your work?
How do you do that?
This takes me to another place.
You make me see things in another way.
Totally random. “I wanted to just say that your art is gorgeous: from a simple aesthetic value, I appreciate the way it makes my eyes happy. I also appreciate the tremendous emotion that seeps into each, both the obvious meanings those foreign to me. I’m currently in the UK, and thus unable to buy any of your works. One day, I will come and buy one. It might be years, but if you keep painting, you’ll see me eventually. – Your newest fan”
From judge of a show: “I like how she captured the sense of a dream and floating. It has a strong composition and  layering of materials. I like her other piece as well.” Susan Palmisano, exhibit judge
I like how the longer you look at your pieces your ideas and perceptions change from your original thought. Gary Nolan II
You paint like God- Artist Susan Martz Moughry

"Started to Miss the Purple"

“Started to Miss the Purple”



8. What you like about your work?
I make others think when they look at what I do. I love everything about it. From the fear of blank canvas to doing public art.





9. What advice would I give to other artists?
Stop following *trends* I have a serious dislike for the ever-trendy. Be original. Be fearless.

"Lucid Dreams"

“Lucid Dreams”

10. Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?
Becoming noted as a trailblazer, something a respected artist said about me recently. I see myself with a partner and a center for creative reuse. I see myself still making art. I see myself happy.




Terzia Nolan

Terzia Nolan

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