Art, // September 5, 2022

A Ray of Sunshine — Virtual Art Exhibition

A Ray of Sunshine — Virtual Art Exhibition

Artist - Marcelino Vasquez Pantoja - ECUADOR


1. What is the title of the event you have organized, and where will it be located?
The title of the international virtual explosion is: A ray of sunshine. Which was exposed on our digital platform: La Taboreña.



Artist - Anika Gupta - ARTIST



2. What is the nature of the event you are organizing?
The nature of the event is an international virtual expression of art.



ARTIST - Julio Alberto Machicado - ARGENTINA



3. Does this event have a theme?
The theme of our event is: A Ray of Sunshine.



Artist - Maria Hayelen Bragunde Telera - URUGUAY



4.) The arts are represented by art, writing, acting, music, and dance. Which of the arts will be represented at the event you are organizing?
The art that is represented in our event is basically the plastic arts.



Artist - Dante Bastian Martz - ARGENTINA



5.) Why the arts?
It is the way of representing our universe in different ways, under the visual perspective of each artist.



Artist - Jessus L. Macebo - CUBA



6.) How are the participants selected? Who participates?
The selection of participants is made through a call made by our page: La Taboreña, and shared on various digital platforms.




Congratulations are extended to the excellent artists:


• Alain Arias
• Yamandu Plat
• Giovanni Medina
• Emmanuel Salvatore
• Yulieth Perez
• Regina Sganzerla
• Julio Alberto Machicado
• Yvonne Parra
• Dante Bastian Martz
• Maria del Rosario Herrera
• Evelin Martinez Rojas
• Daniela Chagas
• Maira Hayelen Bragunde
• Aida Edith Tejera
• Mahima Gupta
• Anika Gupta
• Odilia Benitez
• Fanny Vega
• Betty Silveira
• Jesus L. Mancebo
• Claudia Catanzaro
• Oscar Balaguer
• Hector David Soto Perez
• Roberto Sol
• Liliana Vargas
• Liesel Cerna
• Marcelino Vasquez Pantoja
• Raphael Marks
• Ivania White
• Roberto L. Conde Herrera
• Romeo A. Leyva
• Renato Reul Ulloa
• Janet Frometa Benitez
• Rochelle Jarquin


Artsis - Evelin Martinez Rojas - CUBA



7.) Who are the creators of this event?
The event was created by the Page La Taboreña, under the organization of Yulieth Perez.



Artist - Rochells=e Jarquin - PANAMA



8.) What is the history of this event?
It is an event designed and created basically to promote and recognize the wonderful work of each of the Artists who participate in it. As well as show their works to the world.



Artist - Ivania Blanco - COSTA RICA



9.) What advice would you give to other event organizers?
I invite and encourage other event creators to continue to support artists in general. Let them put their names and their works on high.



10.) Where would you like to see this in 5-10 years?
Basically I would like to see this article on many platforms, and the main thing, that all those artists continue to delight the world with their wonderful works of art.