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Art, // July 16, 2024

Exposición – Enrique Dominguez — ART

The exhibition “Observe what you can feel” by Enrique Domínguez, is organized by Lewinson Art in conjunction with Jose Enrique Vidal Dzul Tuyub, Secretary General INAH, INBAL Secretariat of Culture. SNTSC in the Library of Mexico.

Art, // July 15, 2024

Bé Machado — ARTIST

The subjects portrayed and to which I give greater relevance are all those related to human beings, and to the world. The essence of each person, humanity in general, the intuition and energy that connects us, with each other, with nature and with all the beings that inhabit our world.

Art, // July 14, 2024

Pilar Megias — ARTIST

The details and textures of nature are what motivates me most, transmitting emotions, awakening views and alerts about the planet and the universe.

Art, // July 7, 2024

Sustainability Exposition — ART

Lewinson Art will inaugurate the “Sustainability” exhibition, which aims to raise public awareness about caring for ecology and methods of innovation in sustainability.

Art, // June 10, 2024

“Mandalas” Virtual Expo — ART

Throughout history they have been spread in the West through the designs and uses of Buddhism. All mandalas have in common a space where there is a universe that can be traversed without beginning or end.

Art, // June 2, 2024

Paulo Miguel Santos — ARTIST

When I am creating a drawing or painting, I express my feelings and my field of vision about the theme I am creating.

Art, // May 16, 2024

Brotherhood Among Nations Exhibition — ART

In these times when there is so much violence and conflict in the world, it is when art is most important, which identifies us among peoples, helps us to have empathy, teaches us to try to look for similarities and not differences.

Art, // May 15, 2024

Moment in Movements — ART EXHIBITION

The event was attended by participating artists, architects, decorators, art dealers, art collectors and guests. An environment where joy, good energy, companionship, exchange of experiences, and new and sincere friendships prevailed.

Art, // May 6, 2024

Sandra Cattaneo Adorno — ARTIST

Photographing for me is always an exploration, always an adventure. I never set
out to photograph something in particular or a story. I let my eyes guide me.
Where they take me is unknown to me: I love photography because it allows me
to be open to the world and the people around me in ways that always surprise

Art, // April 18, 2024

Spring Expo — ART

This April 17, within the framework of World Art Day, Lewinson Art in conjunction with Enlaces Gallery, are organizing this beautiful exhibition, in the wedding clothing store, which is also a gallery, located at Lope de Vega 345, in Colonia Polanco, CDMX.

Art, // April 8, 2024

Feline Exhibition — ART

Attractive to many people, since we can find everything from the sweet and tender kittens, which many people have as a pet in your home, to Lions, Leopards, Pumas, Tigers and other wild species, which are also very attractive and impress with their different qualities such as speed, agility, fierceness, and the beauty of their bearing.

Art, // April 5, 2024

Zoila Espinosa Introspection Exhibition — ART

In this exhibition Zoila shows us a wide variety of her works made in acrylic. We can appreciate her great fluidity, the combination of the abstract with the figurative, the beautiful coloring that she uses, which gives luminosity and depth to her work.

Art, // April 3, 2024

Soraya Villa — ARTIST

What advice would you give to other artists or
future artists?
My advice to artists, present and future, is to focus on the creative process, valuing each stage from inspiration to the creation of the work.
I believe it is essential to learn and grow, exploring new techniques and sharing experiences with other artists. If possible, always emphasize intuition.

Art, // March 10, 2024

Volcanoes Exhibition in Mexico — ART

On this occasion, artists are invited to participate in the exhibition with the theme Volcanoes in Mexico. Mexico is a wonderful land of great historical, cultural, geographical and geological value. With a large number of mountain ranges, mountains, volcanoes and hills.

Art, // March 4, 2024

Bruno Cruz Oliveira — ARTIST

My name is Bruno da Cruz de Oliveira, I am Brazilian born on April 13, 1987, in Belo Horizonte in the state of Minas Gerais Brazil. I am a Pyrography artist and owner of Pirografia Fenix.

Art, // February 20, 2024

Lovers Exhibition — ART

Next February 13, within the framework of the Month of Love and Friendship, Lewinson Art in conjunction with Enlaces Gallery, are organizing this beautiful exhibition, at the opening there will be a performance, we will present the guitarist Cuatro Kuerdaz-Luis Alberto Molina Ortiz and we will enjoy a cocktail and very good artistic works.

Art, // February 14, 2024


My artistic ancestry is marked by several women. My grandmother, for example, always made patchwork quilts, which were true works of art, my aunt, since she was little, was a cross stitch embroiderer and my mother is a true artist in the kitchen enchanting everyone with its culinary delights. I also can’t forget my first school teacher. Artistic Education Dona Sônia, is a charming person who led to true artistic journeys through the construction of imaginary art.

Art, // February 4, 2024

Concurso de Fotografía de Arte Lewinson — ART

On this occasion, Lewinson Art invited artists dedicated to photography, or people who are passionate about this artistic genre, to participate in this interesting contest, where each artist participated with three works with a free theme.

Art, // February 2, 2024

Maria Tereza — ARTIST

I love being what I paint… I love creating..sometimes I don’t even know what will come out I put on the canvas something I saw… that I dreamed… that I heard… and with the paints and my chopsticks (I don’t paint with brushes) there are exceptions if they give me a theme I have to create on its basis.

Art, // January 12, 2024

Lo Real y Lo Abstracto — ART SHOW

Art has this property of seeing beyond what is represented in the artistic work, many times it gives us the possibility of finding other meanings, other messages, or making us feel a total identification with what we see.

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