Art, // April 18, 2024

Spring Expo — ART

This April 17, within the framework of World Art Day, Lewinson Art in conjunction with Enlaces Gallery, are organizing this beautiful exhibition, in the wedding clothing store, which is also a gallery, located at Lope de Vega 345, in Colonia Polanco, CDMX.

Art, // April 8, 2024

Feline Exhibition — ART

Attractive to many people, since we can find everything from the sweet and tender kittens, which many people have as a pet in your home, to Lions, Leopards, Pumas, Tigers and other wild species, which are also very attractive and impress with their different qualities such as speed, agility, fierceness, and the beauty of their bearing.

Art, // April 5, 2024

Zoila Espinosa Introspection Exhibition — ART

In this exhibition Zoila shows us a wide variety of her works made in acrylic. We can appreciate her great fluidity, the combination of the abstract with the figurative, the beautiful coloring that she uses, which gives luminosity and depth to her work.

Art, // April 3, 2024

Soraya Villa — ARTIST

What advice would you give to other artists or
future artists?
My advice to artists, present and future, is to focus on the creative process, valuing each stage from inspiration to the creation of the work.
I believe it is essential to learn and grow, exploring new techniques and sharing experiences with other artists. If possible, always emphasize intuition.

Art, // March 10, 2024

Volcanoes Exhibition in Mexico — ART

On this occasion, artists are invited to participate in the exhibition with the theme Volcanoes in Mexico. Mexico is a wonderful land of great historical, cultural, geographical and geological value. With a large number of mountain ranges, mountains, volcanoes and hills.

Art, // March 4, 2024

Bruno Cruz Oliveira — ARTIST

My name is Bruno da Cruz de Oliveira, I am Brazilian born on April 13, 1987, in Belo Horizonte in the state of Minas Gerais Brazil. I am a Pyrography artist and owner of Pirografia Fenix.

Art, // February 20, 2024

Lovers Exhibition — ART

Next February 13, within the framework of the Month of Love and Friendship, Lewinson Art in conjunction with Enlaces Gallery, are organizing this beautiful exhibition, at the opening there will be a performance, we will present the guitarist Cuatro Kuerdaz-Luis Alberto Molina Ortiz and we will enjoy a cocktail and very good artistic works.

Art, // February 14, 2024


My artistic ancestry is marked by several women. My grandmother, for example, always made patchwork quilts, which were true works of art, my aunt, since she was little, was a cross stitch embroiderer and my mother is a true artist in the kitchen enchanting everyone with its culinary delights. I also can’t forget my first school teacher. Artistic Education Dona Sônia, is a charming person who led to true artistic journeys through the construction of imaginary art.

Art, // February 4, 2024

Concurso de Fotografía de Arte Lewinson — ART

On this occasion, Lewinson Art invited artists dedicated to photography, or people who are passionate about this artistic genre, to participate in this interesting contest, where each artist participated with three works with a free theme.

Art, // February 2, 2024

Maria Tereza — ARTIST

I love being what I paint… I love creating..sometimes I don’t even know what will come out I put on the canvas something I saw… that I dreamed… that I heard… and with the paints and my chopsticks (I don’t paint with brushes) there are exceptions if they give me a theme I have to create on its basis.

Art, // January 12, 2024

Lo Real y Lo Abstracto — ART SHOW

Art has this property of seeing beyond what is represented in the artistic work, many times it gives us the possibility of finding other meanings, other messages, or making us feel a total identification with what we see.

Art, // December 9, 2023

“My Family” Virtual Exhibition —

So on this occasion it invites both artists and people from 3 years of age and older to make a work with the theme My Family, which gives us the possibility of capturing what is inside us, our feelings, our experiences. This exhibition opens on December 10, 2023 in the virtual gallery where it will remain until January 30, 2024.

Art, // December 3, 2023

Spectrum Miami – ART FAIR – DEC. 6 — 10

Anjos Art Gallery, a traditional art gallery in Brazil, will be participating in the 13th edition of Spectrum Miami Art Fair.

Art, // November 7, 2023

Romany Mark Bruce — ARTIST

“I am Romany Mark Bruce – I am artist living in Brighton in England. I trained as a l lawyer but gave up my career at 39 years to sculpt, and later I took up painting.”

Art, // October 29, 2023

AnilKumar (AK) — ARTIST

How do you work and approach your subject?
Usually, an idea spouts from something I have been reading or perceptions gathered from talking to people about a topic, or world politics. I believe we have influences all around us. It’s about taking a feeling, a passion, and transforming it into a talking piece forever.

Art, // October 26, 2023

Claudio Parentela — ARTIST

Many many years ago I decided that I wanted to live on art, with art, breathe art, sleep and eat art. I couldn’t live without it…art is my music, the blood that flows in my veins, the only book I know and want to read, the only wonderful way I have chosen to be in the world.

Art, // October 22, 2023

Carlos Alberto Serrano Rolo — PHOTOGRAPHY

I’m a photographer by passion, it’s the accumulation of all my experiences, it’s the courage that makes me act and decide, and it’s the sensitivity that makes me love and appreciate everything I do. I could say that it is the sum of all this.

Art, // October 15, 2023

Orígenes y Naturaleza – ART AUCTION

We are organizing an Art Auction with the theme Origins and Nature, in which works of art from artists will be auctioned emerging to consecrated and African masks.
Aiming to raise funds to donate fruit trees to communities in the Dogon region of Mali, Africa.

Art, // October 14, 2023

Virtual Exhibition Galloping — ARTSHOW

Galloping is a theme that is related to horses, running free in the fields, with those beautiful animals that have always served man so much, especially in other times, in which they were used to transport from one place to another, since either pulling carts or simply people rode horses to get anywhere faster.

Art, // October 9, 2023

Vera Lucia Correia — ARTIST

My favorite theme is landscapes, where I transform any tension into calm with more intense and vivid colors, using brushes, palette knives, and ink pens for details, but still-lives are also welcome as inspiration.

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