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Art is a contact sport!

We have started this online arts magazine to promote and celebrate the arts. We are looking for people in the arts to contribute articles, and there is – NO CHARGE! First, artists can write about their art, the arts in their area, the arts in their country, etc. As we said, our mission is to celebrate and promote the “Arts.” You can submit any time you have something to say. Secondly, we also have an Interview Package that has a list of 10 questions for you to answer in your own words.

Please feel free to write in your own native language. We have a translate button on each article. Let me know if you are interested, and I will send you our Submission Information. Click here to contact us today!

The motivation behind – Arts Illustrated

The arts (visual arts, music, writing, dance and acting) add tremendous value and content to our world and ourselves. Having been an artist all my life, and an art dealer involved in all aspects of the arts for the last 41 years, I have had a close, professional involvement with the arts and artists. Over the years, I have observed a number of talented artists careers first hand. Few succeed, most fail. The greatest reason for this failure is a lack self-promotion, or simply put “marketing.” As important and wonderful as the arts are to our lives, for the artists their greatest gift “sensitivity” is also their greatest enemy. Sensitivity gives artists the ability to see, be inspired and create. On the other hand – sensitivity tends to make creative people shy, humble, and usually not great about self-promotion.

Compare this to sports, which is entertainment. Entertainment aims to engage, amuse and interest a public for a short period of distraction. Also by its very nature, entertainment is very good at self-promotion, and this has helped make sports very successful and now it is a multi-multi-billion dollar industry.

The arts, on the other hand, while not good at self promotion, are used to promote everything else in the world. Ironic, isn’t it. The arts are the first to be cut in schools, arts organizations struggle financially, artists are always being asked to do things for free because “Its just that thing that you do.” All due to a lack of understanding about what the arts really are, the work, commitment and talent, and art’s incredible contributions to all our lives.

Arts Illustrated is going to steal (good artists copy, great artists steal – Picasso) a page right out of the playbooks of ESPN, Entertainment Tonight, and (surprise) even Sports Illustrated. The arts need to truly promote and celebrate their heroes and heroines, their creations and engage in their issues.

This starts with this state-of-the-art (sorry), online publication named ArtsIllustrated.com. The arts represent substance, the wonderful use of creativity and use of the imagination. Arts Illustrated will celebrate that.

Charles W. and Susie S. Andrews