Art, // September 11, 2022

“Arte do Meu Jeito” – Virtual Collective Art Exhibition


“Art My Way” – Virtual Collective Exhibition

Patricia Cassanello


Raphael Art Gallery and its curator Edmundo Cavalcanti, present the Virtual Collective Exhibition “Arte Do Meu Jeito” with the participation of 30 talented artists from various corners of Brazil, 2 artists from Portugal and 1 artist from Germany. Where each artist participates with two works of your own.



Celio Seixas

Ulysses Galletti




In this virtual exhibition, each artist expresses his art in his own way, his technique, his style, his emotions, his essence and his inspiration.




Leonor Botas - Portugal

Helenita Teixeira




“The designation of the term Art comes from the Latin Ars, which means skill. It is defined as an activity that manifests visual aesthetics, developed by artists who draw on their own emotions.”




Paulo Vitor Carneiro

Mariah Campolina




Raphael Art Gallery is dedicated to promoting visual artists in all their aspects, regardless of whether they are beginners or already established professionals. What matters is Art and the artist in all their essence.




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