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ARTS ALIVE! – Paris – Galerie Jean-Luc Méchiche

Arts Illustrated visited the city of Paris this September. With only 7 days, we could just begin to know this wonderful city, its people and its art scene, but we hope to be back soon. This article is the first of five.

(L-R) Susie S. Andrews and Claire Larroquette

(L-R) Susie S. Andrews and Claire Larroquette

The first galerie that we found, and greatly enjoyed, is Galerie Jean-Luc Méchiche, on a street, parallel to the Champs Elysées at 182, Rue Du Faubourg, Saint-Honoré. Jean-Luc Méchiche and Claire Larroquette are partners in the Galerie. We met Jean-Luc and talked extensively with Claire about the Galerie and the art and artists that they represent.

Specializing in contemporary paintings, sculptures, primitive art and Chinese archeology, they clearly demonstrate that true, moving and expressive art knows no time period or area. It is fascinating that artwork created thousands of years ago has such a power to reach across the millennia and have such an impact and influence on us today. That is the same power that comes through in all successful pieces of art, contemporary or otherwise.
The Galerie’s web site ( has more detail about the Galerie and their artists, services, etc.
But for now, we want to focus on just one of the Galerie’s artists, Gérard Roveri ( . His sculptures and wall hangings were stunning and beautiful, full of texture, color and striking form.

"Stampare,-Cycle-3" by Gérard Roveri

“Stampare,-Cycle-3” by Gérard Roveri

“Stampare, Cycle 3” has wonderful patinations going from greens to browns to blues. The design and fabrication are remarkable and beautiful. The design has an archeological look that reminds me of the fossil of  Archaeopteryx lithographica.

"Secret" by Gérard Roveri

“Secret” by Gérard Roveri



“Secret,” Bois sculpté et peint. Tall and striking in black and white, it creates a wonderful tension and mystery.


"Arbre,-dyptique" by Gérard Roveri

“Arbre,-dyptique” by Gérard Roveri



The same could be said about “Arbre,” dyptique, Bois et metal, but in this case the wood is partially and beautifully clad in metal. The beautiful wood is also shown to its best effect.



"Furio 22" by Gérard Roveri

“Furio 22” by Gérard Roveri


Finally, “Furio 22” is an all metals wall hanging that is an amazing  display of Roveri’s skill with this medium. Then the paint and patination of this beautiful piece are literally the icing on the cake.







From Paris, Sept. 2013,
Charles W. & Susie S. Andrews

Charles W. & Susie S. Andrews