Art, // July 30, 2023

Carla Crocchi — ARTIST


Carla Crocchi

Interview with the artist Carla Crocchi —



1. Tell us a little about yourself.
I was born in São Paulo, the capital, but I have always lived in Rio de Janeiro. I always liked geometric shapes and colors, houses and nature, and that’s why I chose to study architecture. My first and only option was the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.



2. Why art?
Good question! Architecture is the graphic and building means of reconciling art with engineering. But, for me, who started the intimacy of expressing my emotions, aesthetics, and cultural values through drawing, already at the beginning of college, this link has always remained latent. And that’s why art!

3. What is your earliest memory of wanting to be an artist?
I think that since I started to understand that often only in art do you actually potentiate your own imagination and creativity with the instruments you master.



4. What are your favorite topics? What materials do you use in your works?
My favorite theme is Abstract. I don’t see how to let all my imagination flow, except as a means of criticizing what I don’t like in certain concrete realities.
As for the media that I currently use, it’s just certain digital software. This was mainly after the postural tremor began to interfere with the motor control of my upper limbs.




5. How do you work and approach the theme of your works?
With whatever comes to mind and my imagination! With objects that I photograph or find in the places I frequent.




6. Does any artist inspire you?
Many, I’m a fan of Joan Mirò, Wassily Kandinsky, Pablo Picasso (a masterpiece of irreverence), Ivan Serpa, in short, there are so many that inspire me but I always try to pay more attention to my imagination and own tools.

7. What are the best responses you’ve had to your work?
All answers are good. It is important that they are all truly related to my emotions and the observer’s interpretation. It’s as if there was a dialogue in synchrony in this connection.



8. What do you like most about your job?
A single result: There is a graphic understanding between my art and the viewer.

9. Do you have any other activity besides being an artist?
At the time no. But I currently consider myself more of a digital artist than a plastic artist, since everything is conceived using software.



10. What are your main participations in exhibitions?
Exhibitions in the plastic arts hall of the Escola Superior de Guerra, Pixelated Generation, from UFSC, Eixo Arte Gallery in the UFF Cultural Reserve Space, Raphael Art Gallery – Edmundo Cavalcanti, EueArte Gallery, Universo de las Artes, Giving Voice to the Arts, Zagut Gallery, Artsy Gallery with Zagut Group.
Top 5 and most recent.
The 5 main ones are distributed between Galeria Eixo Arte, Raphael Art Gallery, and the most recent with Galeria Zagut.



11. What advice would you give to other artists or future artists?
Never stop dreaming!

12. Where do you see yourself in 05/10 years?
Together with my digital art, I try to leave a legacy.

13. Plans for the future?
Simply continue if possible.




Edmundo Cavalcanti