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Choosing a Topic for Your Future Book — WRITERS

How to Choose a Topic for Your Future Book

– by writer Lucy Adams


It is no secret that a writer often experiences some uncertainty when coming up with a topic. Whether to choose something that will certainly please the audience or take a chance and develop some personal idea, which may not cause a proper reaction? Huh, that’s the real challenge and the topic to discuss!

“What to write about?” is a typical question for both beginners and pen wizards. What’s better – something that disturbs the soul, causes excitement and enthusiasm or else that would be warmly accepted by the public? Let’s study the issue along with Lucy Adams, a blogger from a Buzz Essay, where you can get your writing assignment done in 4 simple steps.

In fact, this choice largely determines the activity of the writer and assigns him to a specific category – popular and sought after or original but, as a rule, unrecognized.

As I see it, the root of the problem is the assumption of a major difference in the levels of development – intellectual/emotional/spiritual – between the writer and the audience. This leads to the judgment that the audience has a mundane and vile taste. Many authors believe that the reader does not like to thin and enjoy the descriptions, but strive to see furious action, murder, violence and sex scenes. How can the ignoramus understand the philosophical arguments about the meaning of life? Of course, he will just leaf through that “boring” pages!

Well, I don’t recommend you to treat your readers like that. The truth is that your audience includes completely different people, from highly educated and spiritual to mundane and even-minded. However, the rapid development of TV and Internet, with all its fun and entertainment, has separated the true fans from all others who can easily leave without reading. So, I think, it’s too short-sighted to categorically judge the tastes of the reading audience. I would never do it under any circumstances.

In addition, my conviction is that any author, regardless of his direction, can find his audience. And the great merit belongs to the technological progress: modern people accustomed to absorbing vast amounts of information, and the volume is much larger than for example, a hundred years ago. So the judgments of the public’s bad tastes of are largely exaggerated, at least.



Two Basic Approaches to the Choice of the Theme —

As I said above, there are two main trends:

• A theme based on the personal idea of the author.

• A profit-oriented theme based on a simple and understandable idea.

But who can safely say that the topic will be perceived well?

Although the author has a certain judgment on the matter, he is cut off from life. How could he, thinking about the high, know which topics are in demand among ordinary people?

Here is the moment when the editor of the publishing house comes into play, becoming the main arbiter. It’s no secret the editor will determine whether the book will be in demand and whether he will be able to make money from it. By the way, you can always hire competitive writers and editors on Best Essay 4 You.

So the first try may be unsuccessful. Indeed, at times it’s extremely difficult to publish personal ideas that are contrary to the current market trends. It happens that the young writer gets the denial simply because his book does not fit the series that is currently publishing. And even the high quality of the product can’t outweigh the trend.

Well, the second path, oriented on the reader, is much smoother. An enterprising writer can fit the guidelines of the publishing house and produce a product that will be highly appreciated. A bit lower quality won’t prevent publishing.

I am not going to condemn such state of affairs. For many writers, that’s the only source of income. In addition, a well-known author can publish more complex materials that would be never accepted from an unknown newcomer.

However, it would be wrong to say that writers are slaves in the commercial literature. I believe that having some cunning and resourcefulness, it’s still possible to broadcast personal views through books written in the favor of any series, albeit in a somewhat veiled way.

Although I believe both approaches have the right to exist, ideally, the author should never go on about the public, indulging its tastes – he should rather form them, showing alternative opportunities. Of course, most people won’t do justice to the author’s know-how, but those who do appreciate will likely become the loyal readers.




As for me, the relationship between the writer and the reader is very close to the domestic level. Some people listen to us with pleasure and interest while others don’t care about our ideas and thoughts, no matter how innovative and effective they are. So why to adjust to indifferent? We always have someone to whom we are interesting.

So I think that the beginners who have not yet made literature the main source of income don’t have to chase the requirements of publishers. I find implementing personal ideas and dreams much more perspective. And I believe once these works will bring you success and fame!


Lucy Adams is an essay writer, blogger, and outsourcer from Buzz Essay. She’s a generalist able to bring almost any idea to life. Lucy is fond of education, languages, traveling, psychology, and much more areas. She constantly tracks new trends and burning issues. Ping Lucy and start a mutually beneficial collaboration right now!




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