Art, // November 1, 2022

Christine D. Johnson — ARTIST

Christine D. Johnson


Interview with Christine D. Johnson —

"Seeking II"



1. Who are you and what do you do?
I am Christine D. Johnson, a visual artist who creates soulful, abstract figurative paintings to reflect our strength and beauty while bringing peace to us and our homes. I know the importance of having inner peace, therefore my art is a reminder to love ourselves and find our strength within. I sell originals, limited and open edition prints.



"Royalty Within"



2. Why art?
Art chose me, and when I engage in it, there is a wholeness that occurs within my being. Whenever I stop creating art, it beckons me to come home and be whole once again. I like the joy and peace it brings during the creation process and when the viewers experience those same feelings, the purpose of my art is fulfilled. Beyond the joy, I recognize the power of art to heal, teach and unite people.



Paper Collage on mat board



3. What is your earliest memory of wanting to be an artist?
In my teens, I wanted to be a fashion designer; I drew countless images of clothing that I desired. This dream is still on my vision board.



"Never Turn Your Back on a Brother'



4. What are your favorite subject(s) and media(s)?
I enjoy creating abstract faces while capturing the raw, natural essence and beauty of our uniqueness. The facial expressions are usually balance between strength and struggle. They do not represent a specific person but rather a state of being in the journey to inner peace. I use mixed media including acrylic paint, tissue paper, china markers, and repurposed materials, which allows a variety of texture.



5. How do you work and approach your subject?
When I create art, I show up at the canvas, surrender, and wait patiently for miracles. I usually play reggae or jazz music, which facilitates my creativity. I learned to release preconceived expectations of how the finished piece should appear. Instead I listen, move and create spontaneously. When I rely on intuition, the creative process is refreshing and fulfilling. There are pieces where I remember creating the beginning and end, but there are areas of the work that I don’t remember creating. This deep meditative space that art provides is priceless.

"Humility "



6. What are your favorite art work(s), artist(s)?
I like the intricate patterns and designs in Gustav Klimt’s work and my favorite piece is “The Kiss.” I like the organic, rawness and honesty in Alberto Giacometti’s and Jean-Michel Basquiat’s work. My favorite piece of Giacometti is “The Walking Man.” I don’t have a favorite of Basquiat, I just like the energy of his work. Other artists that I enjoy are Samella Lewis, Elizabeth Catlett, Kimmy Cantrell, Jacob Lawrence, Pablo Picasso, Georgia O’Keeffe, Cal Massey, and so many more.



7. What are the best responses you have had to your work?
I did a commission piece and the recipient said she felt “witnessed and seen.” I appreciate when people tell me that they see themselves in the work and that my art has soul. Another viewer compared the many layers within my art to visiting a home. He said, “At first glance, you are on the porch; second glance, you enter the living room; by the third or fourth viewing of the art piece, you will have entered the private spaces of the home and that is when you will feel a deep connection with the art.” Someone also said that, “It is important to spend time with my art, view it at different times of the day, in a variety of lighting, so that you will experience something different each time.”

"Flowers for Mom and Dad"



8. What do you like about your work?
I like the purpose of the work, which is to inspire and direct your journey to inner peace. Also, the images reflect our journey to self-identity, the meditative process needed to get there, and the rewarding peace and clarity obtained if we have successfully done the work. Each piece is a step in that journey with the title being as important as the image. I like that my art is multilayered with many aspects of intrigued and discovery. Often, there are several paintings within one painting.



"Dred loc"



9. What advice would you give to other artists?
Embrace your beautiful gift and share it with the world regardless of recognition or financial rewards. The value that art brings to the world is priceless.



Christine D. Johnson "Arrival into Self Actualization"



10. Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?
My goal is to spend the rest of my life producing art for homes and corporate spaces. I look forward to facilitating intimate group discussions using my art as a visual partner to help participants in their journey to self-identity and inner peace. I would like to fulfill my first artistic passion of clothing design. Finally, I look forward to fulfilling God’s purpose in my life.



Christine D. Johnson