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Concurso de Fotografía de Arte Lewinson — ART

On February 10, the virtual exhibition of the Photography Contest organized by Lewinson Art opens at


Siddharta Naranjo - "Acapulco"

On this occasion, Lewinson Art invited artists dedicated to photography, or people who are passionate about this artistic genre, to participate in this interesting contest, where each artist participated with three works with a free theme.



Sharon Weiss - "Resilencia"


Photography is the process of projecting images, capturing them and capturing them, either by fixing them in a light-sensitive field or by converting them into electronic signals. Based on the principle of the camera obscura, an image captured by a small hole is projected onto a surface, in such a way that the size of the image is reduced. To capture and save this image, cameras use sensitive film for chemical photography, while in digital photography CCD, CMOS, etc. sensors are used; which then record the images in digital memories. The term photography serves to refer to both the entire process of obtaining these images and its result, which are the images obtained or photographs themselves.


Rachel Sacal - "Windtree"

The invention of photographic technique is the result of the combination of various technical discoveries related to the capture and processing of images. Precursors include the Chinese philosopher Mo Di, the Greeks Aristotle and Euclid, who described a camera obscura in the 5th and 4th centuries BC. C., the Byzantine mathematician Anthemius of Tralles, who in the 6th century used a form of camera obscura in his experiments; And four centuries later, the Arab mathematician Alhacén made a clear and profound study about the camera obscura and pinhole projection. In the field of chemistry, Saint Albert the Great discovered the properties of silver nitrate, and Georges Fabricius (1516-1571) those of silver chloride. In 1568, Daniele Barbaro described the mechanism of a diaphragm, and in 1694, Wilhelm Homberg described the photochemical effect produced by the darkening of some materials in the presence of light. Artists were already using the camera obscura as a resource to reproduce images and in the L’Encyclopédie of 1751 different types that could be used are described. 

Omar Medina - "Libelula en Chucumaltic"



In the 1820s, Joseph Nicephore Niepce, discovered Heliogravure, teamed up with Louis Daguerre, experimenting and achieving more permanent images. After Niepce’s death, Daguerre invented the procedure known as Daguerreotype, spreading it to the world in 1839, the year zero of the photography itself.



Ivonne Wiener - "SED"


In history, several characters developed the photographic technique, we will mention just a few: William Henry Fox Talbot, John Herschel, Gustave Le Gray, James Clerk Maxwell, among others. In 1888, George Eastman launched the Kodak camera; In 1948, Polaroid instant photography was born: a camera that developed and printed the image in just 60 seconds.


Gabriel Corona - "Clavado Existencial"



Finally, in 1990, the digitalization of the photographic field began. Digital photography plays an important role in society, it is an immediate connection between people, because they can be shared easily and quickly by any electronic means, unlike analog or traditional photography, where it was archived as a memory in the memory of some past event or situation, on the contrary, the time of use of digital photography is shorter and immediate and it loses its meaning when the person cannot find it or deletes it.


Daniel Morales - "Arpero"

Although the digitalization of cameras had already occurred in the 1990s, it was only in the 2000s that their use became widespread, with the incorporation of digital cameras in cell phones and other electronic devices.

The artists participating in this photography contest are: Careli Barriot, Daniel Himmelfarb, Daniel Morales, Gabriel Corona, Ivonne Wiener, Elno Mada, Omar Medina, Rachel Sacal, Sharon Weiss and Siddharta Naranjo, who sent very beautiful works, from landscapes, dancers, nudes, animals, among other topics, showing their great talent, taking photos of what we have around us, but many times we do not stop to observe and appreciate their beauty. We congratulate you all, since you sent extraordinary works.

Elno Mada - "Mujer con sombrero manos arriba"



The jury was made up of Claudia Nierman, a well-known artist in photography, Jimena A Prieto, a Mexican philosopher based in Berlin, and Débora Lewinson, artist and promoter of artists, founder of Lewinson Art, whom we thank for their support.



Daniel Himmelfarb - "Obra 2"


The winners of this contest are: First place: Siddharta Naranjo, with a very special work from Latin America Tower, with a very interesting dark sky background, showing an important place of reference in Mexico; Second place: Ivonne Wienner, with a very interesting shot of a pigeon on top of a fountain, capturing the movement of the water; Third place: Elno Mada, with a unique sea landscape, in which a naked woman appears, showing a very beautiful environment with very special lights in the sea foam. We congratulate you all, it is a pleasure to make known your great talent.


We invite you to appreciate his beautiful works.




Deborah Lewison