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Exposición – A traves de la Ventana — ART





Exposición  “A través de la Ventana”

Anna Colaiacovo – “Mi troverai nelle tue stagioni tra giochi di luna e battiti d’ali”

Gabriela Iñiguez - "La espera"





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Maria Alejandra Herrera Palacios - "Kois"

Susie Leff - "Cotidiano Amanecer"



On this occasion we invite artists to participate in the virtual exhibition “Through the Window” a very broad and interesting topic, since you can see so many things, if you look out the window you can see people, landscapes, animals, cars , various objects and even abstract what one sees, therefore we can appreciate from figurative to abstract works. On the other hand, there are the two parties, the one who sees or the one who is seen on the other side of the window, so one could see the inside of a house, etc. Imagination has no limits, so everyone can create what they like, either by taking a model or drawing the image of their own fantasy.


Liliana Paganini - "A traves de la ventana a CDMX"


The artists that make up this exhibition are: Angélica Acuña, Enrique Atach, Paz Cohen, Anna Colaiacovo, Gabriel Corona, Zoila Espinosa, María Alejandra Herrera Palacio, Gabriela Iñiguez, Susie Leff, Mimi Litvak, Melinda Margules, Liliana Paganini, Deborah Prum, Margarita Tellez, Rocio Valadez Acuña and Yolanda Veytia who interpreted this theme in different techniques such as painting, photography and digital art and in different styles, creating a range of colors and shapes that convey different emotions.


Gabriel Corona



In this exhibition you will be able to appreciate works by Mexican, Italian and Colombian artists, the themes are varied, you will be able to see works with animals leaning out the window, of people either as shadows, or expressive faces, or landscapes, or strange constructions as well as eyes that They are a window, figures that dance, in short, a great variety of forms, showing the great capacity and level of the artists.




Deborah Prum - "Outside"


There are many artists who have interpreted this interesting theme. Among the famous who have done so is Salvador Dali with the work Girl at the Window, Murillo with the work Women at the Window, Friedrich Caspar David with the work Woman at the Window, Marc Chagall with the work Paris vu ma fenetre, Edward Hopper with the play Cape Cod Morning.




Zoila Espinosa - "Viendo sintiendo la liberacion"




The iconography on the window comes mainly from the Renaissance and especially from the Flemish and Tuscan painters Filipo Lippi Bottticelli, Fra Angelico or Van der Weyden, also in various works by Vermeer.




Yolanda Veytia - "Sueño de esperanza"



In 2013 in Lugano, Switzerland, there was an exhibition entitled “Windows from the Renaissance to our days, Dürer, Monet, Magritte, and up to 150 works on the theme of windows, is an example of the importance of this theme in art.



Do not miss this beautiful exhibition that will remain until July 30.



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