Art, // November 20, 2022

Exposición Pedaleando — ART



Exhibition Pedaling —

Tony de la Mora - "Las Gafas Olvidadas"



The situation of current issues facing a different scenario than what we were accustomed, we thought towards a future with a slower pace, trying to appreciate the simpler things.



Azul - "Reina de Corazones"




And that is why the idea of ​​using an ecological medium such as the bicycle arose to spread art.







A traveling exhibition, that can be achieved in all places. Expo Street Pop Art “Pedaleando” is a proposal to give artists a simple inspiration: exhibit their own work using the bicycle as an easel.




Gabriel Corona - "Femme fatale D´epines et roses"



Making a real tour of their cities, or virtually taking a picture with the bike and the work and then publish it on Social Networks.



Art Experience, Artistic Association of Salerno Italy


Lewinson Art joins the initiative of Art Experience, Artistic Association of Salerno Italy, which has as President Angelo Lazzano, who invited me to organize in Mexico a virtual exhibition in which the works mounted or reloaded on a bicycle are presented as symbol of taking Art to the streets in an ecological means of transport and thus giving know the work and interesting places of the country, showing the wonderful places where we live Or where we’ve been.



This exhibition is made up of: Aída Aguirre, Zu Avalos, Azul, Yolanda Bernal, Luis Mario Brito Lopez, Mario Brito, Gabriel Corona, Yanet Cuellar, Mir Espinosa Olmedo, Arturo Garcia Colunga, Rocio Garibaldi, Raúl Kaluriz, Débora Lewinson, Mariyen Luna, Judy Masri Diwan, Paola Medina, Ana Montes, Tony de la Mora, Esperanza Morales, Sharon Muss, Vero Padilla, Isabel Ruiz de Velasco, Emilia Simón and Yolanda Veytia, who made works full of creativity, in different styles and techniques.

Isabel Ruiz de Velasco


We can appreciate works mounted on the bicycle, showing places like La CDMX in Bellas Arts, the Latin American Tower, the Angel of Independence, Coyoacán, Torres de Satélite in the State of Mexico, there are also photos that were taken in various cities of Mexico as Nayarit, Ciudad del Carmen, Irapuato, Querétaro, Metepec, Palenque, Morelia, Coahuila, Oaxaca and one that was taken in Salerno Italy by Angelo Lazzano, of my authorship. in such a way that we will transport you to many beautiful places and at the same time we will show you the talent of all these artists.


Mariyen Luna - "La Espera"


We will open this exhibition on November 22 in my virtual Gallery

Do not miss it


Emilia Simon-Paz - "Interior"

Déborah Lewinson Ciudad de México México