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Exposición Plegarias de Vida — ART


Life Prayers Exhibition —

Lewinson Art in conjunction with Jose Enrique Vidal Dzul Tuyub, General Secretary INAH, INBAL Secretary of Culture. SNTSC. They are organizing the exhibition with the theme Prayers of Life at the Xochitecatl Museum in Tlaxcala, which opens on November 11, 2022.

Guadalupe González - "Gaia"


This topic is very interesting since it tells us about the importance of women in society. We must take into account that it is the mother who gives birth to her children, the one who carries the baby in her womb for 9 months, the one who feeds and educates them. On the other hand, the type of society in which women have authority and leadership in various social, political, economic and family roles is called matriarchy. The word matriarchy derives from the Latin māter meaning “mother” and the Greek archein meaning to rule.



Lillie Minor - "Septiembre, te recuerdo azul"



A large number of investigations have been carried out by specialists in order to establish the origin of matriarchy, many have agreed that this type of organization is prior to patriarchy and corresponds to a primitive social order established, specifically, in culture. western.




Mimi Litvak



This hypothesis arises from the data compiled from ancient rites and myths, in which the importance of the figure of the mother in society is highlighted, for example, Mother Earth or Mother Goddess as a source of life, to the that she was worshipped




In some of these societies there are myths that affirm a matriarchal past and that subsequently women lost power and it was men who began their reign and imposed their authority, forming patriarchal societies. A classic myth in this sense would be the one collected by Gusinde, among the Selknam of the Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego, and the Yaganes of the archipelago to the south of it. These groups have similar myths (hain and kina, respectively) that speak of a mythical past in which women ruled, cunningly deceiving men into believing that certain supernatural beings endorsed that social order. One day, the men discovered the deception and killed all the adult women, turning the system to their advantage and founding a society dominated by men, with the same rituals (hain, among the Selknam) now legitimizing male domination and making believe the women and children that the participants in that ritual (men in disguise) were supernatural beings. It is a classic myth and ritual of role reversal that tries to legitimize the social order of male domination.

Aida Aguirre - "Mujer Chupícuaro Fragaria"



Throughout history there are archaeological remains that show the evolution of the exercise of government and the social presence of women in human groups. The transition from matriarchy to patriarchy and the changes that have occurred in social information are now proven truths. The cultural group known as Nahua culture or macro Nahua, made up of the seven mythical Nahuatla-speaking tribes, had consolidated the patriarchal group; however, in the creation the duality Omecihuatl and Ometecutli “one woman one man” was recognized


Elia Perez - "Ella"


The point is that until our times the importance of women has been minimized and they have been subjected to the domination of men. Women have had to fight a lot in this last century to have equal rights. She has managed to win many battles, to the extent that there have already been rulers of female countries, however there is still much to be done so that she is given the equality that she deserves. Even now there are countries in which women are treated as inferior, they are not given freedoms and are severely punished if they want to dress as they want or go out without the company of a man. Let’s hope that people evolve and understand that both men and women are of equal importance and we achieve fairer societies in the world.



Paola Medina - " Ginecocracia"



The artists that make up this exhibition are: Aida Aguirre, Guadalupe González, Mimi Litvak, Paola Medina, Gloria Mendicuti, Lillie Minor, Marcelo Morandín and Elia Pérez who, with great creativity and talent, show us the beauty, fertility, and wisdom of women, in different techniques and styles.



Hopefully through art, raise awareness. Do not miss this wonderful exhibition.


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