Art, // April 8, 2024

Feline Exhibition — ART



Virtual Feline Exhibition –


Blanca Elia Diaz


Argelia Castañeda - "Monet"


On April 10, within the framework of World Art Day, the virtual exhibition “Felines” organized by Lewinson Art will open in its virtual gallery. 



Ariel Valencia - "Margay"




Starting with the pandemic, Lewinson Art began to organize thematic virtual exhibitions, which have continued until now, on this occasion the theme was Felines.




Angelica Moran - "Acechando"


Attractive to many people, since we can find everything from the sweet and tender kittens, which many people have as a pet in their home, to Lions, Leopards, Pumas, Tigers and other wild species, which are also very attractive and impress with their different qualities such as speed, agility, fierceness, and the beauty of their bearing.


Eduardo Robles Nieto - "Hechicero"



They have a slender body, acute hearing, short snout and excellent eyesight. They are the most stealthy hunting mammals. There are about forty species in this family; many of which are currently scarce, because they have been hunted for their skin, to use parts of their body, or because their habitat is being destroyed, which is why some species are already in extinction.



Francoise Noe - "Jaguar"

The artists that make up this exhibition are: Angélica Acuña, Angélica Morán, Argelia Castañeda, Ariel Valencia, Blanca Elia Diaz, Christa Klinckwort, Claudia Piccone, Débora Lewinson, Eduardo Robles Nieto, Emilia Simón, Francoise Noé, Gabriela Arevalo, Isabel Guzmán, Javier Arevalo, Lili Sluvis, Liliana Paganini, Linda Campos, Maria de Lourdes Valverde, Mireya Carrera Bolaños, Mónica Jimenez, Mónica Meza, Verónica Padilla, and Yanet Cuellar, who interpreted this theme in different techniques, such as photography, painting and sculpture and in different styles, achieving a range of shapes and colors.

Christa Klinckwort - "Jaguar"




Many famous artists were inspired by cats, whom they captured in their works, such as Chagall, Picasso, Matisse, Leonora Carrington, Fernando Botero, among many others.




Angelica Acuña - "Biscocho"



The cat is a character that is in children’s stories, which has been used as an image for stuffed animals, mugs, cartoons, textile designs, among many other things.



Emilia Simon - "El Rey"





Many people collect all kinds of products with this theme and many others have their house full of kittens.



So we invite all feline lovers to visit this beautiful exhibition.


Débora Lewison