Art, // January 12, 2024

Lo Real y Lo Abstracto — ART SHOW


Virtual Exhibition Between the Real and the Abstract —


Lili Sluvis-"La mama sirena"


Lewinson Art is dedicated to promoting artists through its virtual gallery and organizing both virtual and in-person exhibitions.



Liz Reza – “Trascender”




On this occasion, it calls on artists to participate in the virtual expo with the theme Between the real and the abstract, which covers all types of styles, from figurative work to abstract work. Artists are free to express their feelings through different techniques, such as painting, digital art, and photography.



Raquel Miranda - "Aliento que vibra"



The artists that make up this exhibition are Claudio Calva, Daniel Morales, Francoise Noé, Gabriel Corona, Heny Steinberg, Lili Sluvis, Liliana Paganini, Liz Reza, Melinda Margules, Omar Medina, Raquel Miranda, Susie Leff, Will Orozco and Yolanda Veytia, who with great talent and creativity interpreted this interesting theme.



Omar Medina - "Efimero "



We can observe a great variety of themes, such as the human figure, faces, flowers, graphics, dogs, pre-Hispanic themes, colors, shapes, and textures in which we can perceive different things and that make us feel different emotions.




Susie Leff – “Laberinto de emociones”


Liliana Paganini - "Gocce di pioggia su cuori luminosi jpeg media


Since prehistory, man has captured in different techniques what he sees around him or what he feels or imagines, so we can see that figures were made that could have different uses or meanings, from painting an animal with the idea of being able to hunt it, until making figures that symbolized gods whom they worshiped.


Claudio Calva - "Ameno"




Art has been changing, there have been different artistic currents: Classical, impressionist, expressionist, surrealist, cubism, abstract, Hyperrealism, and conceptual, among others.




Will Orozco - "Sin Titulo"


People can observe completely real figures that seem more real than photography, to works that do not have defined shapes, but in which we can observe a rhythm or a search to transmit something through color and that stimulates people to imagine things that the artist did not always do with that intention, but it is something that enriches us and helps us make our imagination fly.



Heny Steinberg - "Koi"



Art has this property of seeing beyond what is represented in the artistic work, many times it gives us the possibility of finding other meanings, other messages, or making us feel a total identification with what we see. Certain people manage to feel such emotion that moves them to the point of crying when seeing or hearing something that has some special meaning for them.


This exhibition will remain from January 10 to February 28, in my virtual gallery, don’t miss it!


Débora Lewinson