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Lovers Exhibition — ART



Lovers Exhibition —


Pia Portilla – “Tu y yo”

Leonardo Nierman - "Flama I"




Next February 13, within the framework of the Month of Love and Friendship, Lewinson Art in conjunction with Enlaces Gallery, are organizing this beautiful exhibition, at the opening there will be a performance, we will present the guitarist Cuatro Kuerdaz-Luis Alberto Molina Ortiz and we will enjoy a cocktail and very good artistic works.




Liliana Paganini-Gocce di pioggia su cuori luminosi"



Lewinson Art called on its artists to create a work with this wonderful theme, in which people remember their friends, their bride and groom are celebrated, we see hearts everywhere, and we realize the value of friendship.




Jorge Astuesca – “Couple in love”


Bram L - "Amor y Luna"



The exhibition will take place at Enlaces Gallery, It is a beautiful Bridal gallery store in Polanco, CDMX,  where we will be holding art exhibitions and where you can find special garments for everyone who participates or attends a wedding.




Aranza Slim – “Enganchados”


Eduardo Robles Nieto - "Apego"


Valentine’s Day or simply Saint Valentine’s Day is a holiday of Catholic origin that is celebrated annually on February 14 as a commemoration of the good works carried out by Saint Valentine of Rome, related to the universal concept of love and affection. Originated by the Catholic Church as a counterweight to the pagan festivities that took place in the Roman Empire, it is also one of the first festivals that signified the expansion of Christianity throughout Roman Euraphrasia. 


Gabriel Vallejo - "Sugerencia"


The holiday itself has been gaining importance over time from a secular perspective as Valentine’s Day or Love and Friendship Day. Now it is a date celebrated in many countries, from the popular point of view the Valentine’s Day party is interpreted as an opportunity to celebrate love and affection, regardless of the religion that is professed. The celebrations varied over the centuries, with the Middle Ages being the period where Valentine’s Day would be impregnated with courtly love, where the feeling of affection was expressed in a sincere, noble way and with romantic poetic declarations and references to the heart and the god. Roman Cupid. 


Carlos Dufour



Years later, friendship was included as a property of Valentine’s Day, and since the industrial revolution in the mid-20th century, the marketing of capitalism created numerous products related to Valentine’s Day, allowing the holiday to reach places where it was not. practices Christianity and where Western customs are not even present.



Vanessa Nahoul - "Ojala baste el amor para salvar tu recuerdo"



There are many artists who have interpreted this theme, there are works that move us such as: Apollo and Daphne, by Bernini, “The Kiss” by Rodin, The Lovers, by René Magritte, The Kiss, by Gustav Klimt, In Love, by Pierre- August Renoir, among many more works that evoke Love



Sebastian Canovas - "Amor en la distancia"


The artists that make up this exhibition are: Ana Montes, Aranza Slim, Blanca Elia Diaz, Bram, Carlos Dufour, Débora Lewinson, Deborah Prum, Eduardo Robles Nieto, Gabriel Vallejo, Jacqueline Plowes, Jorge Astuesca, José Strimling, Leonardo Nierman, Lili Sluvis , Liliana Paganini, Melinda Margules, Patricia Ocampo, Pia Portilla, Ruben Himelfarb, Sebastian Canovas, Sharon Muss, Susie Leff, Vicky Sidauy, Vanessa Nahoul, Yoanna Martell and Yolanda Veytia, who interpreted this theme in different techniques such as painting, sculpture, photography , digital art and in different styles such as figurative and abstract, which form a range of shapes and colors that will excite us.



You are cordially invited to this exhibition that will remain until the end of March 2024.




Deborah Lewison