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Mexican Pre-Hispanic Cultures Exhibition — ART



Pre-Hispanic Cultures Exhibition —

LEWINSON ART organizes the Pre-Hispanic Cultures exhibition within the framework of the FILCO Book Fair at the Bicentennial Cultural Center of Coyoacán. Counting on the support in the curatorship of Jose Enrique Vidal Dzul Tuyub.


Fernando Reyes - "Con alma de juglar"


The Pre-Hispanic is a period in the history of the country prior to the Spanish conquest and colonization in 1521, a series of cultures developed among which we highlight the Olmecs, Teotihuacanos, Mayas, Zapotecs, Toltecs, Mixtecs and Mexicas or Aztecs. Among all of them there were a series of common characteristics. They were societies based on agriculture, especially in the cultivation of corn.


David Tirado


Ana Montes - "83 Centimetros"


They had central cities with large pyramidal constructions, showing great architectural knowledge, they worked with stone, jade, obsidian, showing their great artistic wealth, achieving sculptures from small to large format. They had gods, such as Ometeotl, God of Duality, Mictlantecuhtli , God of Death, Quetzalcoatl or Feathered Serpent, God of Life and Wisdom, Tlaloc , God of Rain, Coatlicue, Goddess of Fertility, among others, apart from the fact that each culture gave other names to their gods. They developed astrology, mathematics, architecture, art, agriculture, and much more.


Jorge Astuesca -"TLALOC, Dios de la lluvia"


Daniel Morales - "Maseuayotl-Kauitl"


The artists that make up this exhibition are:

Lourdes Arrechea, Mercedes Arellano, Jorge Astuesca, Walter Bastianetto, Pablo Caso, Lucy Castrillón, Carlos Dufour, Rocio Garibaldi, Leticia Lagos, Alex Lerner, Débora Lewinson, Ana Montes, Daniel Morales, Aliza Morgenstern, Carla Elena Name, Francoise Noé, Iraceia de Oliveira, Fernando Reyes, Gilda Solis, Maricarmen Souza, Guily Shaooli, David Tirado and Enrique Vaca, who interpreted the song with great quality and creativity in different techniques and styles.

Carlos Dufour - "NIÑO TECUAN"


Gilda Solis - "El Misterio de la Malinche"


We can appreciate works from the figurative to the abstract, in techniques such as painting and sculpture. Among the sculptures we can appreciate a pyramid made with matches, which is very original. Among the paintings there are themes such as Malintzin or Malinche, the deities of the indigenous people, their customs and much more, in a range of shapes and colors that convey many emotions.


Lourdes Arrechea - "Cincuate, nuestra víbora sorda"


Carla Elena Name - "Eje Central"




Déborah Lewinson Ciudad de México México

"Leyenda de la Luna Coyolxauqui"