Art, // December 9, 2023

“My Family” Virtual Exhibition —


My Family Virtual Exhibition —

Lewinson Art aims to spread art internationally and encourage people from children to adults, since there is no age to dedicate themselves to art.

Angelica Acuña - "La Familia"

 To be interested in creating, to enjoy making a painting or a sculpture, to See all the possibilities that open up when you experiment with different materials.


Monica Meza - "Lazos"


So on this occasion it invites both artists and people from 3 years of age and older to make a work with the theme My Family, which gives us the possibility of capturing what is inside us, our feelings, our experiences. , our relationships with those who make up our family. Generally, those who make up the closest family nucleus are dad, mom, children, then we can also count grandparents, uncles, cousins. Although in this exhibition we also have the freedom to express what a family is, which can also be about animals, so we can appreciate families of elephants, penguins, foxes, dogs, trees and people.


Mary Carmen Goyeneche - "Menchu"

Two groups make up this exhibition, one of children from the youngest who is not yet 3 years old, but has a few months left, and another group of adults, in which some people with different abilities participate, but who show great creativity and are very more spontaneous in their work.



Ele Morin


Gabriela Iñiguez

In the group of children are: Alicia Levy Lewinson, Camila Penserini Donateo, Camila Victoria Weiss Pérez, Ele Morin, Emily Harumi Ramirez Garibaldi, Jenny Dana Zaga and Mathias Weiss Pérez.

Elvia Vazquez - "Mi pequeña Ana"



In the adult group are: Angélica Acuña, Angélica Moran, Bram, Débora Lewinson, Deby and Melanie Beard, Elvia Vazquez, Erika Paola Fisher Menéndez, Gabriel Corona, Gabriela Iñiguez, Judy Masri Diwan, Lili Sluvis, Liliana Paganini, Luis Manuel García Vázquez, Mary Carmen Goyeneche, Mónica Meza, Patricia Ocampo and Susi Lewinson.



Liliana Paganini - "Antica famiglia"


All of them interpreted the theme in a very creative way, full of colors and beautiful shapes, in styles ranging from figurative to abstract and in different techniques such as drawing, painting and photography.


Camila Penserini - "Mi papa mi mama y yo"



This topic is widely used among therapists or psychologists to discover in their patients certain feelings that are deep in the unconscious, but that come out the moment one makes a painting or an artistic work in any technique.



Bram - "Mi madre y su hermanita"


On the other hand, it is a theme that has always been interpreted in history and we can list some famous artists who created works about the Family such as: El Greco, Diego Velázquez, Rembrandt, Picasso, Eduard Munch, Fernando Botero, among many more.


Deby y Melanie Beard - "Una Familia, Dos Mundos"




It is worth observing how each person has their own way of expressing this wonderful topic.




This exhibition opens on December 10, 2023 in the virtual gallery where it will remain until January 30, 2024.




Déborah Lewison