Art, // October 15, 2023

Orígenes y Naturaleza – ART AUCTION


Mireya Carrera Bolaños - "Las Cuatro Estaciones"



The Association 3D, with the support of the Rotary Club Paris Champs Elysées and with the collaboration of the 10/10 Gallery and Lewinson Art, we are organizing an Art Auction with the theme Origins and Nature, in which works of art from artists will be auctioned emerging to consecrated and African masks.
We are aiming to raise funds to donate fruit trees to communities in the Dogon region of Mali, Africa.


Claudio Calva – “Bosque Magico”


This is a great humanitarian work to help people who are suffering from hunger and very problematic situations in their country.


Carla Elena Name – “Ilusion”


Blanca Dorantes - "El metal de los instantes n 2"



A virtual Catalog will be made with all the works and masks that will be put up for sale.




Alfonso Ferro- “Yellow”


Among the beautiful works that will be auctioned we have works by Jan Hendrix, Salvador Dali, Francisco Toledo, Arnaldo Coen, Saúl Kaminer, with more than 80 works of art, each one of them is a manifestation of creativity and generosity, created by passionate artists and committed to the cause, these pieces are much more than simple works of art; They are the expression of a shared desire to make the world a greener and more sustainable place.


Jan Hendrix – “Kamay”


Alfredo Bucay - "Simplemente el Jardín Japones"


In addition, there are 20 masks from Africa that show the traditions and culture of those places, represent the link with the divine, are an important part of tribal culture and are reserved for ceremonies, religious practices and gratitude to the gods. There are masks made of wood, with inlays, shell, metal, stones, there are polychrome ones, with different shapes and colors. They are carved with sacred tools and these are passed from generation to generation.


Juan Trujillo - "Ave"




Without a doubt, having a mask in our collection allows us to observe our different facets and personalities and connects with the ancestral legacy of our souls. Consciously or not, they have always been in our lives.




Lillie Minor – “Llegas y me salvas”


The artists that make up this exhibition are: Enrique Atach, Gildy Bardavid Nissim, Yolanda Bernal, Alfredo Bucay, Claudia Calva, Mireya Carrera Bolaños, Agustín Castro, Laura Cervantes, Raquel Cheja, Arnaldo Coen, Yanet Cuellar, Salvador Dali, Dionel Delgado González, Enrique Domínguez, Pedro Pablo Dominguez, Blanca Dorantes, Zoila Espinosa, Eduardo Estrada Roque, Leopoldo Estrada Lobato, Arturo Ezquerro, Alfonso Ferro, Diana Fuentes, Rocio Garibaldi, Rafael Gasca, Williams González Chávez, Jan Hendrix, Yaumil Hernández Gil, Saúl Kaminer, David Lloyd Glover, Raimundo López Silveiro, Pablo Luzardo, Lily Margolis, Melinda Margules, Omar Medina, Lillie Minor, Angelica Morán, Carla Elena Name, Rosi Nissan, Lore Obón, Patricia Ocampo, Emilio Ortiz, Liliana Paganini, Jacqueline Plowes, Antonio Ramírez Andrade, Yussuan Remolina Amador, Carmen Rodríguez, Adela Santibañez, Jessica Shilling, Guillermo Socarrás, Hermenegildo Sosa, Rosendo Soto, Heny Steinberg, Francisco Toledo, Laura de la Torre, Juan Trujillo, Patricia Tuirán, Ariel Valencia, Saskia Verger, Yolanda Veytia, José Volcovich, Roxana Wiley Cota, Daniel Wolf and Bela Zaga, who show us their talent by exhibiting works in different techniques and styles.

Arturo Ezquerro – “Te sigue mi barca”


Enrique Dominguez – “La naturaleza lo sabe”


We invite you to the Auction that will take place on October 15, 2023, in Bosque de las Lomas, Mexico City, it is necessary to confirm attendance to enter.

Remember friends that by purchasing a work of art, you will be contributing to a good cause, in addition to filling your home with beauty.




Deborah Lewison