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Patricia Travis – ARTIST/POET



Interview with artist/poet Patricia Travis —

1. Who are you and what do you do?
Hello, I am Patricia Travis, an award – winning fine artist and poet, drawing and painting by hand. I seeks to educate, empower and encourage others with my art.






2. Why art?
Out of all the careers I have had, art is the most self-fulfilling and rewarding. Art is my way of giving and adding more beauty back to the world. I feel art is the industry in which I can most contribute to others.

A poem collaboration (c) November 2014
by Shirlena Rudder and Patricia Travis

jazz intonation,
sharing herstoric information
no need for preparation
just a demonstration
musical admiration
my thinking cap is on like before, during and after graduation

often caught unwittingly
sitting quiet nothing feeling
subtle appearance aqua marine turning up collars
caring about nothing except influencing
taste in its pleasant aggressive progression
some think polyphonic prose ain’t up but it’s high without chemicals
down it’s busy thumping bass
puffing big jowls through trumpets
whipping chills sensitive clinking cymbals
swimming potion lustrous vocals…music switches places
background lyrics imposing rap upon prism lobes
can’t do nothing with this…
voluntary subject of interpretations, distortions
impotent sucker..frigid mix

so jazz

mister, bane of existence
sprained futility reducing fade to black

so we sip jazz tonic

very slowly sipping
speaking patiently never zipping
not wasting words – ink dripping
abundantly reed licking
wet lipping
occasionally era flipping
harmonically tune shipping
mentally traveling unconsciously slipping
into reality masterfully equipping
oral ear pleasure drumstick gripping
student musicians listening hard melodically nipping
at first green but the veterans are hipping

3. What is your earliest memory of wanting to be an artist?
During pre-school at the age of 4, I can recall completing a successful painting project of six clouds. The students made hanging clips so the artwork could be hung and displayed. I knew after seeing my painting hung on the wall that I wanted to become an artist.




4. What are your favorite subject(s) and media(s)?
Portraiture, landscapes and animals are my favorite subjects to re – create. My mediums of choice are charcoal pencil, color pencil and acrylic paint. Creating art with my hands is much more personal and spiritual to me than computer rendering.

The faded rose

the lonely faded rose
with its fragile petals closed
no more beauty or its soul exposed
onlookers see it and feel pain and woes
its life span on Earth has now become froze
where it now grows
no one knows
in an eternal heaven’s garden I suppose

by: patH, aka Patricia Travis© June 5, 2014

5. How do you work and approach your subject?
I work and approach my work in two different ways. Sometimes I see something that moves me so much that I must re- create it and I do so. Other times I am urged to recreate something or someone and I go searching for it until my soul finds it. It is as if it the art calls out to me and I am in – tune to it to give it a new life by re-creating it.




6. What are your favorite art work(s), artist(s)?
My own personal favorite artwork is my color pencil piece of a leopard. My other favorite art work is an acrylic painting (Melodies of Heaven) of a harpist Alice Coltrane. By far my favorite artist is Leonardo Da Vinci. He is the epitome of a multi – talented genius . Da Vinci is well versed in anatomy, art, painting, sculpture, mathematics, engineering, music, writing, botany , cartography and geology. He inspired me in many ways to become an artist, poet and musician.




7. What are the best responses you have had to your work?
Often people asked me, did I do that? Or some people say “your art is really good.” A few have used profanity in complimenting my work yet I will not type the words. Also, I received a teaching art position after an art show.




8. What do you like about your work?
I like the fact that people of all ages and backgrounds who view my work can identify with it. Also, I like when people view my work that they don’t have to guess or try to figure out what it is or who it is.

Moving Forward
personally, poetically and professionally – I am moving forward
letting no negativity, distractions or blocks leave me bordered
focused and steadily I am going onward
telling you the whole truth not 1/2 or quartered
procrastination, ignorance and fear once tortured
once satan thought he had me stopped and cornered
understanding my words are powerful like swords
when I feel trapped – I go inward
giving all praises to the Lord

by: patH, aka Patricia Travis(c) January 7, 2014


9. What advice would you give to other artists?
I would tell other artists that money is not guaranteed in the art profession. To be an artist one must truly love it for what it is not what it can bring. If art is something you would still want to do and not get a dime for it and feel you can’t live without it, than being an artist is for you. However, great practice and skills can sometimes interest buyers into purchasing your work. I have learned that creating art is more for self but can also affect others who view it.



10. Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?
I see myself with more art work created, more buyers and supporters, more money generated and feeling even more fulfilled. Also, I see myself collaborating with other artists and art organizations in the next 5 – 10 years.

Beautiful France

Oh beautiful and lovely France
I see images of you and stare in a trance
while looking at you I stare, just can’t quickly glance
you make my heart flutter, I want to sing and dance
when I think of you, I imagine romance
your perfect architecture made by mastered hands
created by artisans with skills so advanced
the Eiffel tower has such power with its scaling perfect stance
your architecture and mountains spread with broad expanse
I pray that I get to see you in person
I would if I ever got the chance
oh beautiful and lovely France

by: patH  bka Patricia Travis (C) June 29, 2014






Patricia Travis

Patricia Travis