Art, // November 7, 2023

Romany Mark Bruce — ARTIST

Romany Mark Bruce


Interview with painter/sculptor Romany Mark Bruce —




1. Who are you and what do you do?
I am Romany Mark Bruce – I am artist living in Brighton in England. I trained as a l lawyer but gave up my career at 39 years to sculpt, and later I took up painting. I designed and created the Brighton & Hove AIDS Memorial. I am first and foremost a sculptor, and a sculptor who paints.



"Melting into Orange"



2. Why art? 
Because I have been given no choice. The urge to be creative is powerful and unstoppable. Life might be more relaxing and less fraught without it, the constant drive to be creative and productive is exhausting, but it would be pointless.






3. What is your earliest memory of wanting to be an artist?
I do not recall ever ‘wanting’ to be an artist. I loved being a lawyer, but this crept up on me and eventually took over.





4. What are your favourite subject(s) and media(s)?
Subject – Anatomy. I have a fascination with the sternocleidomastoid muscle in the neck. .
Media – clay – the intense focus that working with clay demands takes me to a wonderful, frightening and solitary place



"A Shot In The Dark"



5. How do you work and approach your subject?
In a somewhat chaotic manner, often with no real idea of where I am going, playing music and surrounded by mess, with my dog in the next room. My approach is to keep working, even when things are not going well.



"Scarlet Flight"



6. What are your favourite art work(s), artist(s)?
A fellow Irishman Francis Bacon. I cannot begin to describe his influence on me without writing a long essay.






7. What are the best responses you have had to your work?
Being told by someone I respected hugely that my new collection of sculptures was mediocre. He was right. I was trying to fulfil the expectations of others, not my own.



Bronze sculpture



8. What do you like about your work?
The doing of it and how that makes me feel. I have very little emotional attachment to any of my work, I destroy much of it.





Lisa Freeman