Art, // October 29, 2022

Ruben Cordero — ARTIST


Interview with Ruben Cordero —


Lewinson Art is honored to inaugurate the exhibition “Metamorphosis” by the talented artist Rubén Cordero, whom she has promoted in her virtual gallery since 2019, at the Rosario Castellanos Bookstore, on October 22.
This interview is to make him known, you will discover his interests, his experiences and you will be able to appreciate part of his work, in which we can perceive the good drawing, creativity, and the emotions that he transmits.





1. Where are you from?
I am originally from Atlixco, Puebla and currently live in Cuautla, Morelos.



"Sin titulo"



2. How did you start in art?

From a very young age I have been related to art, since my mother draws and paints, so it could be said that she was my first teacher, later I studied the great artists of all times in many art books, so I have always been linked to art .



3. What inspires you to make a work of art?

Actually everything inspires me, when you observe an object carefully you always find that beauty in the lights, shadows, shapes, color or texture of things and that beauty is what inspires me to make my works.




4. What techniques do you work on?

I don’t know in what technique or style I would define myself, but I love realism, neoclassical, baroque, Renaissance and some style similar to engraving, it is a mixture of all that makes up my work.



5. Do you work with a model, or do you draw from your imagination or take your figures from a photograph?

My work is a mixture of options, I can work with models, for ornaments I take it out of my mind and I also use photographs as a base and in the course of the work I am modifying, removing and adding elements that I think are correct to embellish and give more strength to the picture.




6. Did you study art? If so, where? Or are you self taught?

Yes, I studied a degree in Visual Arts at the Institute of Visual Arts of the State of Puebla for 4 and a half years.



7. Can you tell us about an interesting experience you have had in your artistic life?

I think the most interesting experiences are where you feel like you failed, one time just out of college, naturally I started in this world and I didn’t have a manager or a sure client to sell my works. One day I contacted a client who had been interested in my work and with my drawings in hand I went to see him to see which one he might be interested in. When we arrived at the place we greeted each other and the client began to see the drawings and his response was: I think they are very bad, I think you should study something else, I don’t see a future in you and later he offered me $500 pesos for 2 drawings.

My response was to pick up my drawings and tell him, thank you, and leave the place. The way back home was a catharsis when I understood that the road would indeed not be easy, but that if I really loved art and what I did, I had to constantly try without giving up. I have given up, now I remember that occasion as a self-inspiration, knowing that I got ahead.




8. Have you had any exhibition that you consider the most important, which one and why?

I have had several collective exhibitions but without a doubt my individual exhibition held on October 22 will be the most important that I have carried out so far in my career.



9. Do you have a project you want to share with us?

I have been planning my expansion in several states of the country and 2 other countries for several months now, we are in the process, but it will soon be achieved.




10. How do you think about the work of Lewinson Art, promoting your work?

It has been a very pleasant experience working with Débora Lewinson, founder of Lewinson Art and I think that now, more than a working relationship, we have gradually had a good friendship.