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Soraya Villa — ARTIST

Soraya Villa


Interview with the artist Soraya Villa —

Tell us a little about yourself, who Soraya Villa is.
I was born and live in São Paulo – Brazil I am an artist with a restless soul and creative mind, whose passion for the visual arts transcended my academic training in Exact Sciences.
Since childhood I have been captivated by shapes, colors and objects, a love that blossomed in my adolescence through drawing.
My artistic journey began at the renowned Associação Paulista de Belas Artes, in 1993, where I explored oil painting on canvas. Over time I expanded my horizons to Goldsmithing and Jewelry Design, adding a new dimension to my art.
Two years ago, I started painting again, this time with acrylic paint on canvas and paper, marking a new chapter in my search for innovation and artistic exploration, absolutely consolidating my greatest passion within the artistic universe – Abstract Art.

1.Why art?
Simply because art is intertwined with my life journey; it is an essential part of my being and I cannot imagine my existence without its presence.

2.What is your earliest memory of wanting to be an artist?
It’s difficult to pinpoint a specific memory from when I decided to be an artist. It seems like it has always been present within me, as if it were part of my essence.

3.What are your favorite themes? What materials do you use in your works?
Instead of having a set favorite theme, I am constantly exploring and trying out new ideas. I have dedicated myself a lot to exploring abstraction; shapes inspired by ancient and contemporary bottles and ceramics.
I work with acrylic paint on paper, canvas and panels. I believe this creative freedom makes my work more dynamic and exciting.

4. How do you work and approach the theme of your works?
My creative process comes naturally. Perhaps it is the result of my daily life and experiences, transporting everyday views and experiences to the screens.

5.Does any artist inspire you?
Yes, several… Among them: Tarsila do Amaral, Piet Mondrian, Paul Klee, Wassily Kandinsky, Pablo Picasso, among others.

6.What are the best responses you’ve had to your work?
What best reflects the certainty of being on the right path are the manifestations that include how much my work generated emotion, in addition to reports about how much my art impacted environments in a positive way.

7.What do you like most about your work?
The freedom I have to express my emotions and ideas in a unique and personal way. Each canvas is a creative journey, I can explore colors and shapes, conveying messages and feelings.

8. Do you have any other activity besides being an artist?
No. Today I only dedicate myself to the Arts.

9.What are your main participations in exhibitions?
I’m recently starting my journey as a professional, and so far I’ve participated in two virtual exhibitions:
• Raphael Art Gallery – “The Colors and Shapes of Summer” – Curated by Edmundo Cavalcanti.
• Raphael Art Gallery – “Primavera com Arte” – Curated by Edmundo Cavalcanti

10.What advice would you give to other artists or future artists?
My advice to artists, present and future, is to focus on the creative process, valuing each stage from inspiration to the creation of the work.
I believe it is essential to learn and grow, exploring new techniques and sharing experiences with other artists. If possible, always emphasize intuition.



11. Where do you see yourself in 5/10 years?
As for the future, I am open to all opportunities that may arise, whether improving my artistic practice, exhibiting in galleries or participating in collaborative projects.



12.Plans for the future.
I am truly excited to embrace all the opportunities the future holds.