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Spring Expo — ART



Spring Expo – April 17


Linda Campos - "Por La Paz Del Mundo"

Next April 17, within the framework of World Art Day, Lewinson Art in conjunction with Enlaces Gallery, is organizing this beautiful exhibition, in the wedding clothing store, which is also a gallery, located at Lope de Vega 345, in Colonia Polanco, CDMX.




Alfonso Ferro – “Sin titulo II”


EduardoRobles Nieto - "La Mujer no es Objeto"


The combination of elegant dresses for the whole family for that special occasion, which is the wedding of a couple and the exhibition of works of art, which is part of what they will need to decorate their house and start a new life together, is something which we consider very important, since art is indispensable in our lives.



Maria de Lourdes Valverde Cedillo – “Vendimia al Viento”


Ana Maria Iriondo – “Sublimacion Boreal”

Arturo Ezquerro - "La Flor Nace en Primavera"



The theme Spring refers us to flowering, to a season of the year, with a mild and pleasant climate, to feeling the birds chirping, it is the awakening of hibernating animals.



Rocio Garibald i- "Al Acecho"



Its etymological origin is First-greenness. It is customary to associate spring with the flowering of life, “Spring” is related to youth, or the best stage of a person’s life.




The artists that make up this exhibition are:

Alfonso Ferro, Ana María Iriondo, Ana Montes, Arturo Ezquerro, Catalina Moya, Claudia Piccone, Daniel Himmelfarb, Deborah Prum, Eduardo Robles Nieto, Francoise Noé, Guily Shaooli, Heny Steinberg, Lili Sluvis, Linda Campos, Maria de Lourdes Valverde, Rocio Garibaldi, Susie Leff, Sasha Samkova, Tere Ramos, Yolanda Veytia and Zoila Espinosa, who interpreted this theme, in different styles, both figurative and abstract and in different techniques such as painting, photography and object art , achieving a variety of shapes and colors that will excite you.


Catalina Moya - "Disfrutando de la primavera"



Many famous artists have been inspired by this theme, in painting we can see works by Sandro Botticelli, Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh, August Renoir, Joaquin Sorolla, among others.



Ana Montes - "Hilos de flores y pajaros"




Also in other areas such as music, Vivaldi with the Four Seasons concert, also in dance, poetry and all artistic genres.




Claudia Piccone – “Jacaranda Nocturna”


This exhibition will be an aesthetic experience.




Débora Lewison