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Surrealism Virtual Exposition – ART

Lewinson Art summoned artists from all over the world to participate in the Virtual exhibition “Surrealism.” In its beginnings, surrealism was an essentially literary project, but little by little it influenced other artistic disciplines (painting, sculpture, photography, cinema…).



Virtual Surrealism Expo —

Lewinson Art summoned artists from all over the world to participate in the Virtual exhibition “Surrealism.” In its beginnings, surrealism was an essentially literary project, but little by little it influenced other artistic disciplines (painting, sculpture, photography, cinema…).

Lenir Witzke - "l homo eligens"



Surrealist painting appears on the scene since the 1925 exhibition at the Pierre Gallery, with artists such as Jean Arp, Max Ernst, Man Ray, Paul Klee, Giorgio de Chirico, Joan Miró and Pablo Picasso, to whom Salvador Dalí and René Magritte would be added.



Indiana Castillo - "Sueños de invierno"


In the words of André Breton in his 1924 manifesto, Surrealism is a pure psychic automatism by which it is attempted to express, verbally or in any other way, the real functioning of thought in the absence of any control exercised by reason beyond all concern. aesthetic or moral. Surrealism proposes a theory of the unconscious and the irrational as a means to change life, society, art and man through revolution. It is not a movement with a unified style, but a series of investigations by individual artists, each with their own style.


Arturo Valdez - "Mibarco de papel"

Since the subconscious is something extremely personal, there is no “surrealist style”. Each author lives it in his own way, but we can generally distinguish two forms of surrealist art:
• An automatic, spontaneous and fluid, with its own figurative universes.
• A naturalistic one, which shows the world of dreams and the unconscious in a sometimes hyper-realistic configuration.

Carolina Viñamata - "Silencio magico"



Surrealist art is usually incongruous, dreamlike and very original, in the sense that the artist shows the most individual facet of him, although it is curious, because surrealist art has something universal, which we can all understand.



Fernando Reyes - "Ah pa parejita"



With the movement already established in the 1930s, and with the most extraordinary artists supporting it, Breton became something of a pope. So jealous was he of the purity of his theory that he would purge anyone who questioned his postulates. André Breton was the guru of surrealism. A poet by vocation, he joined Dadaism, but when this movement ran out of steam he decided that it had to be continued through a solid theoretical base.



Carmen Campuzano - "LOS NISNAS"


Breton learned about the work of Sigmund Freud and the strange reality hidden behind madness. Breton wanted, with this madness as a tool, to unite Arthur Rimbaud’s “change life” with Karl Marx’s “transform the world”. Thus, surrealism was born, which according to its leader “…is based on the belief in the superior reality of certain forms of association disdained until its appearance and on the free exercise of thought. It tends to definitively destroy all the other psychic mechanisms and to substitute them in the resolution of the main problems of life.”


Daniel Morales - "Macufendo I"


The movement’s theoretical basis is the interpretation of Freud’s dreams, which supposes a rejection of traditional culture based on the power of reason; It defends the revolution and is committed to activist and left-wing movements, it wants to become the seed for the development of Dadaism in terms of constructive criticism of traditional art, it breaks with social conventions and incorporates experimentation with the methods of psychoanalysis in literature and painting; we see it in automatic writing and exquisite corpses.


James Zavalas - "Ciclo de vida"


Henri Rousseau, Marc Chagall and Giorgio De Chirico are considered precursors of Surrealism and two tendencies are established in it: Figurative Surrealism, which uses the conventions of the Renaissance perspective to show surprising scenes (Salvador Dalí, Óscar Domínguez, René Magritte) and the Abstract surrealism, faithful to the manifestos, whose creators invent personal figurative universes (Joan Miró, Max Ernst).


Alicia Anton - "Pescador de Sueños"


The surrealists believed that the creativity that was born from the subconscious of an artist was more authentic and powerful than that derived from consciousness. They were also interested in exploring dream language which they believed revealed hidden feelings and desires. In a general way, it can be said that the idea was to achieve the greatest possible spontaneity.


Isabel Guzman


The artists that make up this virtual exhibition are:
Rita Amaya, Alicia Antón, Enrique Atach, Leticia Irene Barradas, Juan Calderón, Carmen Campuzano, Indiana Castillo, Lucy Castrillón, Mireya Carrera Bolaños, Yanet Cuellar, Arturo Ezquerro, Pepe Garro, Isabel Guzmán, Batia Kahan, Daniel Morales, Aliza F. Morgenstern, Ulises Ortiz, Liliana Paganini, Deborah Prum, Fernando Reyes, Margarita Tellez, Arturo Valdez, Yolanda Veytia, Carolina Viñamata, Lenir Witzke, and James Zavalas. All of them highly talented who show their fantasies and their great creativity.

We invite you to appreciate this beautiful exhibition in the virtual gallery from August 10 to the end of September.

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