Art, // July 7, 2024

Sustainability Exposition — ART


Eduardo Robles Nieto-El quinto elemento destructor

Catalina Moya - "Ciudad de México Vivaz"


Within the framework of the EcoFest that will take place at Unicars Chevrolet Villa,




Blanca Dorantes – “El metal de los instantes”


Débora Lewinson - "Las piedras son testigo"

Lewinson Art will inaugurate the “Sustainability” exhibition, which aims to raise public awareness about caring for ecology and methods of innovation in sustainability.


Susie Leff – “Amores que matan”


Gabriel Corona - "Magistri Cordis"

At this event, several activities will be carried out under the motto “Sustainable innovation for all,” challenges and opportunities in the field of sustainability will be addressed, presenting innovations, successful projects and effective strategies to protect our planet.


Monica Meza

The activities that will take place on June 29 from 9:00 a.m. Are:
10:00 hrs – GM Electro mobility presentation
11:00 hrs – Solfium- Driving change: Sustainability
12:00 hrs – Michin Aquarium
1:00 p.m. – Panel – Sustainable evolution in LATAM
2:00 p.m. – Sustainability Projects

Yolanda Veytia - "La Selva"


The artists that make up this exhibition are: Blanca Dorantes, Catalina Moya, Débora Lewinson, Eduardo Robles Nieto, Gabriel Corona, Mónica Meza, Susie Leff and Yolanda Veytia, who with great talent interpreted this theme in different styles and techniques.



Don’t miss this beautiful exhibition.


Débora Lewison