Art, // August 14, 2013

The World of William Wray

For sale #3William Wray resides in California. He studied painting at the Art Students League in NY and has made his living for many years as a cartoonist and now paints regional subject matter. He blends abstract expressionism and realism into a realistic expression, which stands as a bridge into the contemporary art world. I came across his work while linking to different art sites and happened Boats Lei Yue Mun 24x24on his blog a few years ago. I became an immediate fan and have been following his expressive and colorful work ever since. His supercharged color sense and light filled compositions drew me into his world. Being an artist myself I could immediately appreciate the depth and commitment he has to his work. Hollywood on ramp 42x26His subject matter is the urban world of strip malls and open vast areas populated with lone buildings and sun drenched streets, all this painted with a keen eye and a sure hand. Check his site and blog, you will not be train 24x48 #2 sm

Blog:                                                                                                Mr. Wray is a member of ‘Oil Painters of America’ – LAPAPA – California Art Club



David Reinbold

David Reinbold




Article by Dave Reinbold, Carlisle, PA