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Viktoria Up – ARTIST


Viktoria Up

Viktoria Up

Artist Viktoria Up, in her own words –

"Saltimbanque" oil on canvas

oil on canvas



My Name is Viktoria, and I was born in a Vulcano Area, middle of France called Auvergne, which has given me strength, passion, fire burning inside, and the most of all, it has since my childhood made me wonder what it was all about in this world and the reason for our existence.




"Sparkle on a Fire" oil on canvas

“Sparkle on a Fire”
oil on canvas

I’m passionate for all the sciences, particularly mathematics, the golden number PHI, and biology. At the age of 13, I have asked my parents, to study in Paris in a School of Arts, called “École Duperré”, but of course they refused because I was too young. Later on, I studied at the school of “Beaux Arts”, with architecture option. But the life, has taken me far away from my art and my passion.


"Angels for a Book" oil on canvas

“Angels for a Book”
oil on canvas



In May 2014, as I was playing the Nocturnes (Chopin) on piano, I have decided to let go of  this  life which was not mine, and to improve myself with what is my real life – PAINTING!  I have never stopped since!  I want to paint days and nights.




I like André Breton and  Surrealism.  I like the work of Camille Claudel, and I’m fascinated by Spirales, Phi, and Fibonacci. Also, all the work of Leonardo da Vinci.

"Shout" charcoal



"DeBakey Device" oil on canvas

“DeBakey Device”
oil on canvas



I don’t want to look that much of what’s is going on in “Arts” now, because I want to keep my mind free of it.



"Black Storm" oil on canvas

“Black Storm”
oil on canvas


Painting is my best way to communicate, because I do think language, the proper one that you learn at school, is not flexible enough for me and too restricting.

I’m at the beginning of my work and for me I’m at 1% of where I want to go. So I’m very pleased to share with you my works and pieces of my heart and soul.




"Mixed Fluid" oil on canvas

“Mixed Fluid”
oil on canvas

Now I always paint while listening Chopin.  So this great man of music talks to me when I’m painting.

. . . Love from Viktoria




Viktoria Up

Viktoria Up

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