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Vina Rose


Interview with singer/songwriter Vina Rose —


1. Who are you and what do you do? 
I’m Vina Rose, I’m a singer/songwriter and performer born on the island of Sicily, (South of Italy) from a family of musicians, and that meant a deep connection with the art form in any kind of shape. At 18,  I eventually moved to Milan, where I studied performing arts and earned a 5 years degree in Communications, and so I began my eclectic career through endless gigs, festivals, theatre presentations and TV shows.


Vina Rose


2. Why music?
To be honest, I don’t think I could do something else: music is something I can’t live without and it’s natural for me, it’s my big passion and what makes me feel really alive. Through music I can express my feelings and my experiences, I can share my story and my life with audiences, and I can also be a voice for all those people that sometimes struggle to communicate or even express themselves and what really matters in life, so my mission with music is to connect with people and create a sense of community. To answer to your question, I think that I haven’t decide to become a musician, I was born to be a musician.


Vina Rose


3. What is your earliest memory of wanting to be involved in music?
I always wanted to be a singer since my young age. I first performed on stage at just 4 years old and my work as an artist took off among my local scene when I was barely 14, I remember I attended to a festival in my home town Catania, winning the second place. I have never stopped since then.


Vina Rose


4. What are your favourite subject(s) and style(s)?
I love to write about my personal experiences and my values, which ultimately are the things that drive my life like family, friends, love, ambition, vulnerability, struggles, emotions, feelings and everything in between (Eg: family dynamics, betrayal, challenging circumstances, defiance, etc). My favourite styles are the cinematic soundtrack world, epic pop, soul and some elements of soft rock.


Vina Rose


5. How do you work and approach a new piece that you are working on?
I always start with what I want to say and why I want to say it, I begin with lyrics or I just sit on the piano and start to play randomly until I feel that something is moving me, but I usually like to write with breaks in between, ‘cause in that way I can always go back to the song with more objectivity and I can edit or rectify some parts of it, if I’m not really sure about. Also I like to collaborate with other people in the studio, I find very inspirational to be in the zone and exchanging ideas and opinions with other musicians and songwriters.



6. What are your favourite musician(s), singer(s)
Michael Jackson among everybody, then I love artists like Sia, Sting, Joni Mitchell, Lianne La Havas, Queen. But there are so many artists that I love and enjoy to listen to, those are just few names.

7. What are the best responses you have had to your work?
I was recently asked to perform at a gala and receive an award for my career in my home city: this event was obviously cancelled and postponed due to the covid19, but I felt like that was a great achievement for me and I was honoured to be invited to it.


Vina Rose


 8. What do you like about your work?
The fact that I get to travel and discover places around the world, it’s a flexible job and that gives me the freedom to cultivate hobbies or spending time with family or friends; I also love to meet and connect with new people and collaborate with them (no day is like another and you never know what’s going to happen in one week in time, ‘cause sometimes gigs or opportunity are really last minute). I just love all of that..

9. What advice would you give to other musicians?
Be patient, consistent and trust the journey. Work on your craft, be authentic and believe in yourself before anyone else does. It can be a very lonely place, so it’s better to build a strong mindset and be ready to fight like in a ring 🙂


Vina Rose


10. Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?
The reality is that no one can see that far into the future, especially in the music business which is on a constant change: the only thing I can say is that I’m a firmly believer of my songs and what I’m trying to build with my career and I’m committed to create and share art as long as I will have my heart beating. I’d love to have made my own contribution to the business with timeless music that hopefully will inspire and move people hearts all around the world for very long time.


Vina Rose






Crossroads EP —

1: Heart of Gold
2: Crossroads
3: The Best (Tina Turner cover)
4: Breathe Again (Remix)


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