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Virtual Exhibition “Childhood” — ART



Lewinson Art is dedicated to promoting artists through its virtual gallery and organizing both virtual and face-to-face exhibitions in different spaces.


Margarita Tellez Meneses – “Muñeca Lele”

Adriana Solomon – “JUGANDO AL AVION”


On this occasion, it invites the artists to participate in the exhibition with the theme La Niñez, which will take place within the framework of the World Art Day celebrations, as well as in the month of April in which the Day of the Child.
This stage of life is the one that includes from birth to adolescence of a person, it is when we learn most of the things, from talking, walking, eating, reading, playing, in short, it is when everything is new, everything It surprises us, we develop different skills and that is when we have the most retention. It is a stage in which the child needs the attention and affection of his parents, to grow healthy and strong and with the security to face life.


Daniel Morales

Marcela Parissi – “Niña en la playa”


It is when it is convenient to teach values, respect, love, so that when they grow up they are better people and this should be taught mainly by parents and also by the school.


Lyn Pizano – “Desde la ventana”

Francoise Noe – “Bebe Lloron”


Artists from Mexico, the United States and Italy participate in this exhibition
This exhibition is made up of: Yolanda Bernal, Mireya Carrera Bolaños, Argelia Castañeda, Anna Colaiacovo, Yanet Cuellar, Nora García Stivalet, Batia Kahan, Susie Leff, Melinda Margules, Paola Medina, Daniel Morales, Francoise Noé, Liliana Paganini, Marcela Parissi, Georgina Pelayo, Lupita Peralta, Lyn Pizano, Nydia Rivera Contreras, Adriana Sólomon, Margarita Tellez and Yolanda Veytia, who with great talent and creativity, interpreted this theme in different styles and techniques.


Argelia Castañeda – “Niña con dulces”

Mireya Carrera Bolaños – “La Sandia de Maria”


We can appreciate in their art works images such as children playing, those sweet and tender looks that children have, indigenous children, children with sweets, realistic children, or expressed in a more abstract way, it is a range of shapes and colors that will transmit many emotions. .
This theme has been interpreted in music, poetry, dance and in the plastic arts.


Liliana Paganini – “Juegos y construcción abandonados”

Lupita Peralta – “Un-pequeño secreto”


We can see children in the works of many famous artists such as “Las meninas” by Diego Velázquez, “Boy sleeping in the hay” by Albert Anker Kunstkopie, “Two girls at the piano” by Auguste Renoir, “The boy” by Amadeo Modigliani, “ Children having lunch” by Diego Rivera, “Boy with a Dove” by Picasso. Among many others.

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