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Virtual exhibition “Time” — ART

Next Friday, February 10, the exhibition with the theme “El Tiempo” organized by Lewinson Art will be inaugurated in its virtual gallery


Francoise Noe - "El tiempo escapa"


Time is a very interesting subject, it is a physical magnitude with which the duration or separation of events is measured.
Time is the duration of things subject to change that determine the times, periods, hours, days, weeks, centuries, etc. This word comes from the Latin “tempus.”



Margarita Tellez - "Me Vi"



Time is a broad concept that is applied in various contexts. In relation to the definition given above, time can be seen as the physical quantity that allows sequencing events and determining moments and whose unit of measurement is the second.



Francesca Dono - "El paisaje del Tiempo"



Time allows events to be ordered in sequences, establishing a past, a future and a third set of events neither past nor future with respect to another which we call present and is made up of simultaneous events to one in particular.



Liliana Paganini



Distance and time are closely related, and the time required for light to travel a specified distance is the same for all observers, as first publicly demonstrated by the Michelson and Morley experiment. General relativity does not address the nature of time for extremely small intervals for which quantum mechanics holds.



Lucy Castrillon - "Atrapados en el Tiempo"



According to the theory of relativity, formulated by Einstein in 1905. Both concepts are related, since time cannot be separated from the three spatial dimensions, and they all depend on the movement of the observer. The theory of relativity shows that any measurement of time depends on the conditions of the observer.



Lillie Minor - "No tardes"



The measurement of time has occupied scientists and engineering technologists, and was a primary motivation in navigation and astronomy. Periodic events and movements have long served as standards for units of time. Some examples are the apparent movement of the sun in the sky, the phases of the moon, the movement of a pendulum, and the heartbeat.



Salvador Dali - "La Persistencia de la Memoria"



There are many systems for determining what time it is, including the Global Positioning System, other satellite systems, Coordinated Universal Time, and Mean Solar Time. In general, the numbers obtained from different time systems differ from each other.



Maria Irene Vairo - "Vela"



Time is relative, there are moments that the person lives that seem to last an eternity and times that go quickly, depending on what is happening to the person.





Alma Marin Huitron - "Trayectoria de Vida"



The timeline is a tool that is used to graphically represent chronological data or periods of time in a simple and clear way. It is a subject that leads us to reflect and that each artist interpreted in different styles and techniques.




The artists that make up this exhibition are:
Miguel Ángel Acosta Lara, Leticia Irene Barradas, Lucy Castrillón, Gabriel Corona, Yanet Cuellar, Salvador Dali, Rita Denaro, Francesca Dono, Rocio Garibaldi, Angie de Ita, Susie Leff, Alma Marín Huitrón, Melinda Margules, Omar Medina, Lillie Minor, Daniel Morales, Francoise Noé, Monica Olea, Liliana Paganini, Deborah Prum, Margarita Tellez, and Maria Irene Vairo.
To whom we congratulate and wish them the greatest success.



Angie de Ita - "A traves del tiempo"



This theme has been addressed in music, dance, literature, and plastic arts, each transmitting different things about time.


You are cordially invited to this beautiful exhibition!




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