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Virtual Exposition – “La Vejez” — ART


Virtual Exposition – “Old Age”


Alma Marin Huitron - "Hasta el ultimo aliento"



Lewinson Art is dedicated to promoting artists and organizing exhibitions both online and in person. On this occasion, she summoned the artists to interpret the interesting theme of “La Vejez”



Luca Sachetti - "Pachamama"



Human aging constitutes a multidimensional process of human beings that is characterized by being heterogeneous, intrinsic and irreversible; It begins with conception, develops during the life course, and ends with death. It is a complex process of biological and psychological changes of individuals in continuous interaction with the social, economic, cultural and ecological life of communities, over time, in this period different needs, limitations, changes, losses, capacities appear, opportunities and human strengths.



Elia Pérez - "Flores de edad"



Old age is the stage of life whose beginning is determined by each society. Currently, in developing countries such as Mexico, 60 years is accepted as the beginning of old age, while in developed countries that age is 65 years. Old age is also defined as a social construction, both individual and collective, that determines the ways of perceiving, appreciating and acting in certain socio-historical spaces. Old age is a consequence of the stages that preceded it and reflects the biology, the social context, the vision and the attitude towards life of each person.



Lourdes Arrechea - "Memoria pa que"



It is very interesting to see how there are people who age much faster than others, depending on the kind of life they have, the environment where they live, their diet, their activities, the exercise they do, and how they face life, depending on these factors is whether the person will age faster than another. In the past, people lived less than they do today, partly due to medical advances prolonging life. However, quality of life must be sought and to achieve it, the person must be active, must have a healthy social life, must try to do both physical and mental exercise, must feel the desire to live, to love and be loved, the attitude that one has is very important.



Alejandro-Diaz - "Viejita"



People who are not busy, who feel alone or abandoned, their life loses meaning and that is when the person declines and all kinds of conditions arise. The emotional part is very important in a person’s life, especially when they reach old age.




Georgina Pelayo - "Nostalgia"




Older people are full of interesting experiences, which can teach young people a lot, we must learn from that wisdom. That is why grandparents have always been very important for grandchildren, since they give their time, their love and their experience.



Margarita Téllez Meneses - "Huichol"



The artists that make up this exhibition are: Lorena Alanis, Sergio Alarcón, Lourdes Arrechea, Mario Brito, Argelia Castañeda, Elvira Cohen, Gabriel Corona, Alejandro Diaz, Seth Garcia, Sirenia González, Batia Kahan, Alma Marin, Martha Patricia Martell, Yoanna Martell , Paola Medina, Azucena Menéndez, Lillie Minor, Daniel Morales, Miriam Neuman, Francoise Noé, Liliana Paganini, Georgina Pelayo, Elia Pérez, Deborah Prum, Fernando Reyes, Luca Sachetti, Adriana Solomon, Margarita Tellez, Yolanda Veytia and Mónica Zorzi, who They interpreted this interesting theme in different techniques and styles, showing their great talent.



Francoise Noe - "Don Lino Saldaña"



We will be able to appreciate in drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, different types of old people, works full of expressiveness, others with interesting messages and meanings.




We invite you from October 10 to November 30, 2022, to the virtual exhibition “La Vejez” on –


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