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Volcanoes Exhibition in Mexico — ART



Volcanoes Art Exhibition in Mexico —


Ariel Valencia – “Popocatépetl desde el Sur de Puebla”


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Fernando Reyes




On this occasion, artists are invited to participate in the exhibition with the theme Volcanoes in Mexico.




Arcelia Urbieta - "Utopía de volcanes"




Mexico is a wonderful land of great historical, cultural, geographical and geological value. With a large number of mountain ranges, mountains, volcanoes and hills.



Marian de la Serna - "La Fuerza de Don Goyo"


It has several volcanoes of great beauty, among which we can name El Pico de Orizaba (the highest in the Republic); the Perote Chest; the Cerros de las Derrumbadas (west of the slopes of Citlaltépetl); the Pinal and Tintero Hills; the Malitzin; the Sierras of Taxco, Acopinalco and Singuilucan; the Sierra Nevada with Iztaccíhuatl, Popocatépetl, Telapón, Tláloc and Papagayo; the Sierra del Ajusco with the Jalatlaco and Ocuila Hills; the Nevado de Toluca; the Serranías de La Gavia, Valle de Bravo, Tlalpujahua and Angangueo; the Sierras of Maravatío, Ozumatlán, Santa Clara and Pátzcuaro; the Sierras of Apatzingán, Jiquilpan and El Tigre, Sierra de Tapalpa, Sierra de la Mascota. There is also Paricutin, San Quintin, Chichinautzin, Tres Virgenes, Ceboruco, Sanguanguey, Colima or Fuego, Chichonal, although there are more, but these are the most recognized. only some are considered active or dangerous.


Coral Colmenares - "Contemplación Eterna"



Several of them have had eruptions several years ago. Popocatépetl has been emitting fumaroles recently, keeping three states on alert; it had eruptions in 1539 and 1720.



Lucille Wong - "Las Tres Vírgenes, la Virgen, el Azufre el Viejo"




Volcanoes have been the subject of several famous painters such as José Maria Velasco, Dr. Atl, Jorge Obregón, among others.




Maria del Carmen Diaz Perren


The artists that make up this exhibition are: Arcelia Urbieta, Ariel Valencia, Carla Elena Name, Coral Colmenares, Débora Lewinson, Dr. Atl, Fernando Reyes, Kala, Lili Sluvis, Lucille Wong, María del Carmen Diaz Perren, Marian de la Serna, Mercedes Arellano, Paul Achar, Rocio Garibaldi, Yanet Cuellar, Yolanda Bernal and Yolanda Veytia, who interpreted this theme in various techniques and styles, achieving a range of colors and shapes full of beauty.


Carla Elena Name – “Ensoñación”

Kala - "Los Amantes"




This exhibition opens on March 14 at the Mexican Contemporary Cultural Center , located in the Historic Center in CDMX, where we will present the Ensamble Cenizas, who will delight us with their beautiful music.




Débora Lewison