Art, // April 5, 2024

Zoila Espinosa Introspection Exhibition — ART




On April 6, 2024, the exhibition “Introspection” by the artist Zoila Espinosa, organized by Lewinson Art, will be inaugurated within the framework of World Art Day, at the Rosario Castellanos Bookstore, in CDMX.





In this exhibition Zoila shows us a wide variety of her works made in acrylic. We can appreciate her great fluidity, the combination of the abstract with the figurative, the beautiful coloring that she uses, which gives luminosity and depth to her work.






Zoila is a very spiritual person and we can perceive it in her work, which transmits a series of emotions that touch our hearts, her paintings are poems that have a plastic language, that speak for themselves, we do not need anyone to tell them to us. explain, since they vibrate on their own, they transport us to places full of color and fantasy.






Introspection is a topic that tells us about what we are, about feelings, about searching for our own “I”, it transports us to our interior, helps us discover ourselves and see the beauty that exists in each human being.





Let’s let the good energy flow and what better than seeing this type of work. Don’t miss this beautiful exhibition.




Débora Lewinson