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Art, // May 21, 2016

Alann J. Boatright — ARTIST

  Interview with artist Alann Boatright — 1. Who are you and what do you do? My parents named me Alann J. Boatright, though I simply go by Alann J as an artist. I paint robots involved in everyday situations that we humans find ourselves in. Working, relaxing, playing…     […]

Art, // May 13, 2016

Liria Varne – Artista

Entrevista com o artista Liria Varne –   1. Quem é você e o que você faz? Meu nome é Liria Varne, sou artista visual, atriz, brasileira, nasci e vivo em São Paulo. Meu trabalho dialoga com problemas sociais em diversos suportes, desde pintura a instalações.         […]

Art, // May 4, 2016

Exposición “El Baile de las Máscaras”

El próximo 15 de mayo se inaugurará la exposición “El Baile de las Máscaras” organizada por Lewinson Art, en el Instituto Cultural México Israel, dentro del marco del Día Mundial del Arte.     Esta bella exposición esta integrada por los siguientes artistas: Jorge Adolfo Acevedo Bernal, Agustín Aldama, Rosana […]

Art, // May 2, 2016


Interview with photographer Brad Walsh —   1.Who are you and what do you do? My name is Brad Walsh, I am a Toronto based photographer. 2. Why photography? It allows me to escape into my own little world which allows me to tell an untold story through my images. […]

Art, // April 24, 2016

Matthew Carey — ARTIST

Interview with artist Matthew Carey —   Who are you and what do you do? My name is Matthew Carey. I’m an artist from London, living in Southern Spain.     Why art/ what’s your earliest memory of wanting to be an artist? Both my parents are artists,so the smell […]

Music, // April 20, 2016

Adam Taitano — MUSICIAN

Interview with musician Adam Taitano —         1. Who are you and what do you do? My name is Adam Taitano. I am a 28 year-old musician. I also do web development and creative writing as a means to get by.       2. Why music? […]

Art, // April 19, 2016

Inauguración Exposición Fantasía

Exposición Fantasía — El pasado domingo 17 de abril se inauguró la exposición “Fantasía” en la Galería Pedro Gerson, del Centro Deportivo Israelita, en el marco del Día Mundial del Arte.     Fanny Sarfati, Directora del Comité de Actividades, del Centro Deportivo Israelita, dio la bienvenida al público asistente […]

Art, // April 11, 2016

Michelle Dinelle — ARTIST

Interview with artist Michelle Dinelle — 1. Who are you and what do you do? My name is Michelle Dinelle. I’m a Canadian abstract artist based in Toronto. Working in acrylic, primarily on canvas, my work is non-objective and often employs the use of bold colours.     2. Why […]

Art, Writing, // April 4, 2016

Can a Portrait Still Be Great Art?

  Can a Portrait Still Be Great Art? paintings and article by – Davis W. Morton   Compared to other features portrait artists try to represent, the most important feature that can make a portrait great is actually invisible. This feature has been called a spirit or a soul, a […]

Art, // April 3, 2016

Adam Hedin — ARTIST

  [notranslate]Adam Hedin[/notranslate] mitt konstnärskap —   Att ständigt vara närvarande i fågelformen, eller försöka att vara det, är väldigt inspirerande och en skön livsstil. Att fåglarna är närvarande är en outtömlig energikälla. Vad vore livet utan fåglar!? Denna förundran över att kunna flyga. Fågeln har vandrat som symbol i […]

Art, // March 20, 2016

Stephanie Estrin — ARTIST

Interview with artist Stephanie Estrin —   1. Who are you and what do you do? I’m Stephanie Estrin, an artist with a love for bright bold colors.  I’m originally from Montreal, Canada now living in Austin, Texas.  I paint primarily in acrylics and watercolors.  I exhibit locally in and […]

Art, // March 13, 2016

Barton Rubenstein — ARTIST

Interview with artist Barton Rubenstein —   1. Who are you and what do you do? My name is Barton Rubenstein. I began creating sculpture full-time in the early 1990s. Previous to that, I was a neuroscientist. Despite loving the world of science, studying physics and visual perception, I gradually […]

Art, // March 12, 2016

Exposición Fantasía

El próximo domingo 17 de abril se inaugurará la exposición “Fantasía” en la Galería Pedro Gerson, del Centro Deportivo Israelita, en el marco del Día Mundial del Arte  –       Rosa María Burillo Velasco Presidenta de ARTAC, escribe lo siguiente acerca de esta gran celebración: “El Día […]

Art, // March 6, 2016

Davi Faustino — ARTISTA

Entrevista com o artista Davi Faustino –   1. Onde você nasceu? E qual sua formação acadêmica? Paranavaí – Estado do Paraná–Brazil Minha formação acadêmica relativa às artes, sou autodidata, formação profissional sou Coronel RR (aposentado) da Polícia Militar do Paraná/Brazil     2. Como e quando se dá o […]

Art, // March 6, 2016

Dave Rogers — ARTIST

Sitting at his easel, in his well light and canvas packed studio, Dave Rogers a New York Based International Neo-Contemporary Artist works on one of some twenty paintings waiting to be finished. Like most painters his studio is filled with the smell of turpenoid and the sound of music, sometimes […]

Writing, // February 28, 2016

Book Publishing in the Digital Age

Book publishing in the Digital Age, and times of streamed entertainment — by – Luiz Valério de Paula Trindade As it is widely known, in the early 20th century when the television was invented and started to enter the homes of millions of consumers across the globe, there were voices […]

Art, // February 28, 2016

Andrés Silvera — ARTIST

  Interview with artist Andrés Silvera — 1. Who are you and what do you do? My name is Andrés Silvera and I’m a visual mixed media artist from Toronto, Canada. My main subject matter is surreal portraiture.     2. Why art? Because its the one thing that is 100% […]

Art, // February 21, 2016

Mona Hedin — ARTIST

  Mona Hedlin, textilkonstnär, med sina egna ord — Född uppe i Sorsele, Lapplands län. Växt upp i Dalarna och varit verksam 30 år i Kungsör. Flyttade för 15 år sen till sydvästra Öland, Mörbylånga – där jag driver Ateljé 3 Hedin tillsammans med Pekka Hedin, konstnär och författare. Flytten […]

Art, // February 15, 2016

Alexander Poll Doval — ARTIST

Interview avec l’artiste Alexander Poll Doval –       1. Qui êtes-vous et que faites-vous ? Mon nom est Alexander Poll Doval je suis artiste-peintre depuis 20 ans. Je suis présentement en train de partir ma petite entreprise avec mon travail. Mon travail artistique figure dans mes produits que je […]

Art, // February 15, 2016

Ken C. Hamilton — ARTIST

Interview with artist Ken C. Hamilton —   1. Who are you and what do you do? My name is Ken C. Hamilton. Originally from the Northwest, I am an artist living and working in West Orange, New Jersey.     2. Why Art? Art is one area where the […]

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