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Music, // November 11, 2014


Lake Lyon is an upcoming band of college students trying to bring the indie/alternative sub-culture into the south. It consists of Austin Motlow (vocals/guitar), Mario Butler (keys), Trevor Page (guitar), Nathan Cerice (bass), and Sam Gilmore (drums). The band began as an idea by lead-vocalist Austin Motlow. During Fall of 2013, […]

Music, // November 9, 2014

Kate Clark – MUSICIAN

1. Who are you and what do you do? My name is Kate Clark and I’m a singer songwriter from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. I’ve been writing and performing since high school. After college I performed with Bitter Delores a Pittsburgh based rock alternative band. Then, I went on to earn a […]

Music, // November 8, 2014

CR Humphrey – MUSICIAN

1. Who are you and what do you do? I’m CR Humphrey and I play guitar and sing in a two piece Mississippi juke joint style band called Old Gray Mule with my brother JJ Wilburn. 2. Why music? It makes me feel good, and my biggest hope is that […]

Music, // November 6, 2014

Lari Haataja – MUSICIAN

Interview with Lari Haataja: I am a 20 year old musician from Oulu, Finland.  I started playing guitar back when I was about 12 years old and have been doing it constantly ever since. When I was 17 I started working on a concept album that eventually became Moonswing’s debut […]

Art, Writing, // November 2, 2014

Patricia Travis – ARTIST/POET

  Interview with artist/poet Patricia Travis — 1. Who are you and what do you do? Hello, I am Patricia Travis, an award – winning fine artist and poet, drawing and painting by hand. I seeks to educate, empower and encourage others with my art.       2. Why […]

Writing, // November 1, 2014

Tim Wahl – WRITER

Interview with writer Tim Wahl 1. Who are you and what do you do? My name is Tim Wahl and I write. I have been in various types of business as a manager for over a decade. I went to school and got a BA in Radio, TV and Film. […]

Music, // November 1, 2014

Esteban Mick – MÚSICO

Entrevista con Esteban Mick 1. ¿Quién es usted y qué hace usted? Mi nombre es Esteban Mick soy de Bogotá, Colombia y hago música. 2. ¿Por qué la música? Desde que tengo memoria he sentido una relación especial con la música, ha sido mi vehículo para expresarme y es tal […]

Art, // October 30, 2014

Gisella Mura – ARTISTA

  Intervista – Gisella Mura 1. Chi siete e cosa fare? Mi chiamo Gisella Mura, abito e lavoro in Collinas, un piccolo paesino nel cuore della Sardegna, Isola meravigliosa al centro del Mediterraneo. Mamma, moglie, artista, mi dedico al mondo delle arti a tempo pieno dal 2004. Ho frequentato il […]

Art, // October 21, 2014

Augusto Ghiani – ARTISTA

Augusto Ghiani in arte AuGhi nasce a Cagliari il 23 Marzo 1966 ,  vive ed opera a Villacidro, Sardegna, Italia, è un artista Autodidatta, sin da piccolo coltiva la passione per il disegno, a soli 10 anni nel 76  quando creò la sua prima opera, ha  vissuto dal 1985/87 in […]

Art, // October 21, 2014

Gabriel Moreno – ARTIST

Gabriel Moreno, Andalusian artist (Baena, 1973) based in Madrid. He started his career in 2007 when he uploaded his portfolio for the first time online. In only a few months, he was selected as one of 20 new talents of illustration by Computers Arts Magazine. From then on he has […]

Music, // October 15, 2014

John Pezzimenti – MUSICIAN

1. Who are you and what do you do? My name is John Pezzimenti, and I write music as Roperite. 2. Why music? I don’t specifically think of myself as a musician. I feel more comfortable simply referring to myself as a person with some form of artistic inclination. I’m […]

Music, // October 13, 2014

Kirsten Ludwig – MUSICIAN

1. Who are you and what do you do? My name is Kirsten Ludwig and I am from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. At this moment in time, I am existing at the tender age of 21. I am a singer-songwriter with a unquenchable thirst for new ideas, melodies, and places – […]

Art, // October 13, 2014

Carla Elena Name – ARTISTA

Semblanza de Carla Elena Name Carla Elena Name es integrante de Lewinson Art – Estudió Historia Mundial y cambios de fin de siglo, así como México Contemporáneo y estudios políticos en religiones en la Universidad Iberoamericana. Estudió 4 años de Experimentación artística. Curso de arte abstracto. Estudios en psicoanálisis y […]

Music, // October 13, 2014

“A.J. Froman” – MUSICIANS

A.J. Froman is a 5-piece experimental, progressive-rock band fronted by a female vocalist. The band is based out of Ocean Beach, San Diego and consists of Sarah Norwood (vocals), Jeff Shaefer (guitar/synth), John Joyce (bass), Albert Bowman (guitar), and William Hart (drums). All original music with one CD release in […]

Music, // October 3, 2014

Melissa Vile Kingdom – MUSICIAN

1. Who are you and what do you do? Hey ho! I’m Melissa, aka Vile of the band Circadian Clock, I’m the vocalist and general person of contact with a face in the band. Nice to meet ya! 2. Why music? Ah, well there really wasn’t much of any other […]

Art, // October 1, 2014

Exposición “El Ajedrez en el Arte”

El próximo 28 de octubre se inaugurará en la Sociedad Mexicana de Geografía y Estadística la exposición “El Ajedrez en el Arte” organizada por Lewinson Art. Esta interesante exposición se combinará con un torneo de ajedrez que se llevará a cabo en este mismo espacio empezando el 28 de octubre […]

Art, // September 29, 2014

Cheryl Korb – ARTIST

I am a Pennsylvania native, living where I grew up in Dalton. Painting has always been a part of my life, and after raising three children and stealing some time for painting when I could , I now paint full time. I enjoy painting country scenes, using the countryside around […]

Art, // September 18, 2014

Sorina Tibacov – ARTIST

Un interviu cu artistul român a remarcat Sorina Tibacov. 1. Cine ești și ce faci? Sunt Sorina Tibacov,pictor si profesor de arta. 2. De ce artă? Arta pentru ca este cel mai usor pentru mine si cel mai greu. 3. Ce este memoria ta mai devreme de dorința de a […]

Art, // September 13, 2014

Marcela García – ARTISTA

Semblanza De La Artista Marcela Garcia, Integrante de Lewinson Art En 1968 ingresé a la Escuela Nacional de Artes Plásticas “San Carlos” de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, donde estudié pintura.
Cursé las carreras de Sociología y Comunicación. Realicé estudios complementarios de Esmalte en cobre, Vidrio emplomado, Joyería, Diseño en […]

Art, // September 7, 2014

Keo Merlier-Haim – ARTISTE

1.  Qui êtes-vous et que faites-vous? Je m’appelle Keo Merlier-Haim mais je signe mes toiles KMH. Je vis en Provence, dans le sud de la France, dans la ville de Paul Cézanne où la lumière est tous les jours fantastique ! Je peins de l’abstrait lyrique. J’écris également des romans, ainsi que […]