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Art, // November 12, 2022

Exposición Plegarias de Vida — ART

Lewinson Art in conjunction with Jose Enrique Vidal Dzul Tuyub, Secretary General INAH, INBAL Secretary of Culture. SNTSC. They are organizing the exhibition with the theme Prayers of Life at the Xochitecatl Museum in Tlaxcala, which opens on November 11, 2022.

Art, // November 11, 2022

Exposición El Cantar de mi Guitarra — ART

Next Sunday, November 13, Lewinson Art will present the exhibition “El
Singing from my guitar” at the Mexico-Israel Cultural Institute. On this occasion, Lewinson Art invited artists to intervene both silhouettes of guitar-shaped wood, like real guitars.

Art, // November 1, 2022

Christine D. Johnson — ARTIST

I am Christine D. Johnson, a visual artist who creates soulful, abstract figurative paintings to reflect our strength and beauty while bringing peace to us and our homes. I know the importance of having inner peace, therefore my art is a reminder to love ourselves and find our strength within. I sell originals, limited and open edition prints.

Art, // October 30, 2022

Helenita Teixeira — ARTIST

I was born in Ipanema (MG), later living in Manhuaçu (MG) and when I completed the Normal Course (Primary teacher) I moved to Rio de Janeiro (RJ). I continued to work and study completing the Economics Course with a Specialization in Economic Engineering and Industrial Administration.

Art, // October 29, 2022

Ruben Cordero — ARTIST

Lewinson Art is honored to inaugurate the exhibition “Metamorphosis” by the talented artist Rubén Cordero, whom he has promoted in his virtual gallery since 2019, at the Rosario Castellanos Bookstore, on October 22.
This interview is to make him known, they will discover his interests, his experiences and they will be able to appreciate part of his work, in which we can perceive the good drawing, creativity, and the emotions that he transmits.

Art, // October 27, 2022

Sandra Pita — ARTIST

Sandra Pita Soares, born in Nampula, Mozambique in 1971. My biggest business card is ME, the person I am in the world and for the world! The freedom and compassion I can share through my painting, color and movement. I am the spectator and protagonist of each of my canvases.

Art, // October 14, 2022

Virtual Exposition – “La Vejez” — ART

Human aging constitutes a multidimensional process of human beings that is characterized by being heterogeneous, intrinsic and irreversible; It begins with conception, develops during the life course, and ends with death.

Art, // October 7, 2022

Ulysses Galletti — ARTIST

I live in Brazil, city of São Paulo/SP, where I was born on 09/16/1940. My academic background was in the areas of Accounting Sciences and Business Administration.

Art, // September 23, 2022

Rosa Maria Simões — ARTIST

I am Rosa Maria Simões, born in Coimbra, Portugal on December 31, 1956.
I am in love with the fine arts, the handicrafts, and everything that has to do with manual work and many colors.

Art, // September 11, 2022

“Arte do Meu Jeito” – Virtual Collective Art Exhibition

Raphael Art Gallery and its curator Edmundo Cavalcanti, present the Virtual Collective Exhibition “Arte Do Meu Jeito” with the participation of 30 talented artists from various corners of Brazil, 2 artists from Portugal and 1 artist from Germany. Where each artist participates with two works of your own.

Art, // September 5, 2022

A Ray of Sunshine — Virtual Art Exhibition

The title of the international virtual explosion is: A ray of sunshine. Which was exposed on our digital platform: La Taboreña.

Art, // September 1, 2022

Tereza Tulkova — ARTIST

I´m an author whose works are based on the tradition of graphic art. The main aspect is the combination of black and white, which then creates surreal world inspired by folk culture, allegory and a symbolic concept of reality. Satire and cynical irony also often appear. Images can also be perceived as slightly decadent or macabrous.

Art, // August 21, 2022

Celio Seixas — ARTIST

I was born in Campo Grande, in 1954 in a neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro/RJ-Brazil that at the time was characterized by a large rural area. I was raised in a place in daily contact with nature.

Art, // August 15, 2022

Carmen Clews — ARTIST

  Interview with artist Carmen Clews —   1. Who are you and what do you do? I am a Magical, Magnificent & Amazing being… Just like you! I love to express my absolute passion for the magic of life, though 2D and 3D art. Living between Cape Town, South […]

Art, // August 7, 2022

Surrealism Virtual Exposition – ART

Lewinson Art summoned artists from all over the world to participate in the Virtual exhibition “Surrealism.” In its beginnings, surrealism was an essentially literary project, but little by little it influenced other artistic disciplines (painting, sculpture, photography, cinema…).

Art, // July 3, 2022

Eden Maxwell — ARTIST


Art, // June 22, 2022

Fernanda Curado — ARTIST

“Today art is ingrained in me. I see myself working with art as long as I am aware of myself.”

Art, // June 6, 2022

Expo Arte Erótico — ART SHOW

  Tu invitación . . .     Expo Arte Erótico —   El próximo 9 de junio 2022, se llevará a cabo la exposición virtual Arte Erótico, organizada por Lewinson Art en su galería virtual. Lewinson Art se dedica a promover a artistas y organiza exposiciones tanto virtuales como […]

Art, // May 18, 2022

Outono 2022 – Exposição Coletiva Virtual

Art, // May 8, 2022

“Art to turn the world” — Dubai 2022

    “Art to turn the world” | Index Dubai 2022 | Artcom Expo A Artcom Expo Internacional Association of Artists and Partners, vai participar no Index Dubai 2022 que se realiza em Dubai nos dias 24 a 26 de maio., Hall 6/7 – stand 8: D279.   Com a […]