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Art, // June 22, 2023

Aldri Zanetti — ARTIST

What advice would you give to other artists or future artists?
Be an eternal learner, read, research, keep a mind always curious and open to new years with knowledge. But when it comes to nurturing your art, follow your heart and your intuition. Follow your rules and avoid idioms, criticisms and self-criticism.

Art, // June 8, 2023

Exposición – A traves de la Ventana — ART

On this occasion we invite artists to participate in the virtual exhibition “Through the Window” a very broad and interesting topic, since you can see so many things, if you look out the window you can see people, landscapes, animals, cars , various objects and even abstract what one sees, therefore we can appreciate from figurative to abstract works.

Art, // May 15, 2023

Antonio Montibeller — ARTIST

The fascination with the shine of metal has been with us for centuries and since antiquity the obsession with wealth and power has generated conflicts, wars and losses…and amidst these movements: symbols, beliefs and religions.

Art, // April 9, 2023

Patricia Cassanello — ARTIST

Art has always been present for me since I could see myself, since I was very young I would exchange any toy for a sheet of paper and a pencil.

Art, // April 5, 2023

Virtual Exhibition “Childhood” — ART

On this occasion, it invites the artists to participate in the exhibition with the theme La Niñez, which will take place within the framework of the World Art Day celebrations, as well as in the month of April in which the Day of the Child.

Art, // March 26, 2023

Anjos Art Gallery at ArtExpo NewYork 2023

Anjos Art Gallery and its curator Maria dos Anjos Oliveira, in partnership with Galeria Nasse, are pleased to once again participate in Artexpo New York at Pier 36, Booth 238 in New York for 2023.

Art, // March 19, 2023

Mexican Pre-Hispanic Cultures Exhibition — ART

LEWINSON ART organizes the Pre-Hispanic Cultures exhibition within the framework of the FILCO Book Fair at the Bicentennial Cultural Center of Coyoacán. Counting on the support in the curatorship of Jose Enrique Vidal Dzul Tuyub.

Art, // February 26, 2023

IT’S RAINING ART, HALLELUJAH! -The online gallery and its possible contribution to the democratisation of the art scene.

The online gallery differs from the traditional gallery primarily in that it has no “material” domicile. Of course, the company has to be registered somewhere, but it only exists digitally.

Art, // February 12, 2023

Eloah Mestieri — ARTIST

Eloah Mestieri, from São Paulo, psychoanalyst. I studied law at FMU, but I didn’t practice law, because I set up a lingerie company, which I ran for 22 years. In addition to being the owner, I worked as a stylist and I was able to exercise my creativity as a developer of all the collections and all the prints, later also designing prints for weaving in other countries.

Art, // February 6, 2023

Virtual exhibition “Time” — ART

Time is a very interesting subject, it is a physical magnitude with which the duration or separation of events is measured.
Time is the duration of things subject to change that determine the times, periods, hours, days, weeks, centuries, etc. This word comes from the Latin “tempus.”

Art, // January 6, 2023

Exposición Virtual “El Quijote de la Mancha” — ART

Esta es una novela que escribió Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra a comienzos de
1605, es la obra más destacada de la literatura española y una de las principales
de la literatura universal. Es la primera obra genuinamente desmitificadora de la
tradición caballeresca y cortés por su tratamiento burlesco.

Writing, // January 1, 2023

Nadine Johnson — WRITER

I am Nadine Johnson, a children’s book author. I write, illustrate and publish children’s books through my company Nadine Johnson Books, an imprint of 123 Mango Tree, LLC. I was born on the island of Jamaica, but I immigrated to the United States at the age of eight. I’m also a middle grade math teacher and an early literacy advocate.

Art, // December 19, 2022

Street Art/Graffiti — ART

The practice of graffiti emerged in Paris and New York. In Paris, it became widespread from 1968 onwards, when the walls of Paris were transformed into political flyers – a movement known as “May 68”-, in New York it is associated with hip hop culture, (only As a curiosity of hip-hop derive 3 artistic currents: rap, associated with music; breakdance linked to dance and graffiti, mural painting, illegal and considered an act of vandalism).

Art, // November 20, 2022

Exposición Pedaleando — ART

Lewinson Art joins the initiative of Art Experience, Artistic Association of Salerno Italy, which has as President Angelo Lazzano, who invited me to organize in Mexico a virtual exhibition in which the works mounted or reloaded on a bicycle are presented as symbol of taking Art to the streets in an ecological means of transport and thus giving know the work and interesting places of the country, showing the wonderful places where we live Or where we’ve been.

Art, // November 12, 2022

Exposición Plegarias de Vida — ART

Lewinson Art in conjunction with Jose Enrique Vidal Dzul Tuyub, Secretary General INAH, INBAL Secretary of Culture. SNTSC. They are organizing the exhibition with the theme Prayers of Life at the Xochitecatl Museum in Tlaxcala, which opens on November 11, 2022.

Art, // November 11, 2022

Exposición El Cantar de mi Guitarra — ART

Next Sunday, November 13, Lewinson Art will present the exhibition “El
Singing from my guitar” at the Mexico-Israel Cultural Institute. On this occasion, Lewinson Art invited artists to intervene both silhouettes of guitar-shaped wood, like real guitars.

Art, // November 1, 2022

Christine D. Johnson — ARTIST

I am Christine D. Johnson, a visual artist who creates soulful, abstract figurative paintings to reflect our strength and beauty while bringing peace to us and our homes. I know the importance of having inner peace, therefore my art is a reminder to love ourselves and find our strength within. I sell originals, limited and open edition prints.

Art, // October 30, 2022

Helenita Teixeira — ARTIST

I was born in Ipanema (MG), later living in Manhuaçu (MG) and when I completed the Normal Course (Primary teacher) I moved to Rio de Janeiro (RJ). I continued to work and study completing the Economics Course with a Specialization in Economic Engineering and Industrial Administration.

Art, // October 29, 2022

Ruben Cordero — ARTIST

Lewinson Art is honored to inaugurate the exhibition “Metamorphosis” by the talented artist Rubén Cordero, whom he has promoted in his virtual gallery since 2019, at the Rosario Castellanos Bookstore, on October 22.
This interview is to make him known, they will discover his interests, his experiences and they will be able to appreciate part of his work, in which we can perceive the good drawing, creativity, and the emotions that he transmits.

Art, // October 27, 2022

Sandra Pita — ARTIST

Sandra Pita Soares, born in Nampula, Mozambique in 1971. My biggest business card is ME, the person I am in the world and for the world! The freedom and compassion I can share through my painting, color and movement. I am the spectator and protagonist of each of my canvases.